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  1. Thanks @Rami . Good to know I'm not the only one at least I guess.
  2. The ESET Android app lock appears to have a slight delay on my device. When I open an app that I've enable app lock on, I will briefly see the unlocked app along with its contents (for about 1-2 seconds) before I am presented with ESET the lock screen. In the case of the browser or email/messaging apps, for example, this means that any potentially sensitive content (which I've enabled app lock to protect in the first place), is displayed briefly prior to the app lock kicking in. I think I've seen at least one other user report something similar, but now I can't find the thread. Has anyone else noticed this and/or is there any known fix? Thanks in advance.
  3. That link isn't working for me. Has anyone tried this new version that can attest to the fix?
  4. Same problem here on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. Unfortunately, I reinstalled my entire system thinking it was something I screwed up in Ubuntu before realizing on the new install that ESET was actually causing the problem. In the meantime, does anyone know if/where can still be downloaded from?
  5. I've tried searching the forums here (and elsewhere) for this and while I've found one thread that seems to get close to what I'm looking for, it doesn't quite hit it on the head. I'm wondering if it's possible to run a NOD32 computer scan from the terminal (or to run any other NOD32 functions from terminal for that matter). The reason that I'm try to this is: when I run an in depth computer scan using the NOD32 GUI, i notice that a lot of files cannot be scanned because NOD32 does not have the permissions to access these files. So my thinking is that if I could run the scan from terminal using sudo, I'd be able to scan these files. My thinking here may be entirely misinformed, so if it is please let me know. I am running Ubuntu. Thanks in advance!
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