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  1. Ok got it. But why is this still there. Isnt it better to remove the AD integration as we have a web based environment now?
  2. @VladimirVladimir Ah I see. It means all is going to the web console. But why do I still see it in the AD. Should it not be removed? It’s doing nothing..
  3. @Marcos do you know this or can you tag anyone else in this topic. Thank you.
  4. https://support.eset.com/kb3699/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US I saw this thread and I would love to know more or any other suggestions. Right now when a user logs in the terminal, he will see a ESET splash screen. I have the policy, hide ESET splash screen, but it does not work on terminal. Why? Recommendations for a RDS environment is In the Policy application order window, click Add Policy. Select the check box next to the policy select the policy "File Security for Windows Server – Visibility silent mode" and click OK. Anything else? or is that the only policy that I need to apply? In other words, policy splash screen will not work on rds, I have to apply Visibily Silent? That is it? This is only for Citrix? . (only Citrix servers) Scan file execution events and local drives only Click Real-time file system protection from the main menu on the left and expand Basic. Turn off the following four features by clicking the slider bars next to Network drives, File open, File creation and Removable media access and then click OK.
  5. Ok it seems that there was a policy set that windows installer can’t be runned. Disabled policy. Installed. Working fine. win 1625 error. Can this error be added to eset? Because it was not showing anywhere on the website. It means that installer can’t be run. Check policy.
  6. I have added *facebook.com* i dont see a eset message in browser. Https ssl error. Latest version 7
  7. When installing ESET 7.0.120160 file security on a server 2012R2 RDS Session Host. I get an error: Win.1625 Agent is not installed. Close. I does not proceed. I have to close the window. What to do?
  8. I upgraded my ESET to the newest version. Now we have the web based environment. I can login and all working. When I open AD on the server, I clicked on the tab "ESET Secure Authentication", but I do get the following error that I attached. This is an account that is NOT using ESET two factor, but the message is saying that it is. Now what is happening? Do we need to use everything from now on through the web? Will the MMC vanish away? If yes, why do I still see the ESET tab in the user properties? Shouldn't this be removed?
  9. Eset security was installed. I removed eset security first. I could not remove agent because it was asking for a password by uninstall. Hips mode was enabled. Revo removed it without asking for a password.
  10. Or use revo uninstaller. Just did it and it worked. I wanted to uninstall it through control panel, it was asking for a password. I tried with revo uninstaller and it did remove the agent, without asking for any password. Isnt this a security flaw? Shouldnt this be fixed? @Marcos
  11. Thanks @MichalJ. I asked the ESET business helpdesk for the following. They said that it’s not possible. Can you confirm? I do get duplicate IP from eset warnings. I like that feature. I also do get it in the era. It does show that this PC has an IP conflict. But the problem is, I don’t get an email about it. Do you know why it’s not possible to setup a rule for this? I want to see those notifications in my email. It’s important for me if there is a duplicate IP. As I dont login every day on the era and check the logs.
  12. I only need full disk. I dont need email and removable media. So I am looking forward for the future.
  13. Great. Going to use that option @Marcos
  14. The license manager in the ERA should change. Have you seen how deslock does it? That is nice. I wish if ERA could do the same. For example: you have 10 licenses, because you manage 10 companies from your era. When you click the license, you should be able to see which computers are linked to that license. Now I have to go to the ELA and check. Thats not nice. Deslock does that good. You select the license, it will show you wich computers are connected with that license. Perfect. Can that be added please?
  15. @MichalJ I saw ESET Deslock on computer stations in the new era 7.x. But we can only see the version of deslock. Can’t do anything else. That will change then? But it’s a nice addition to have.
  16. I used to see ESET authentication in AD Users and Computers. I used to select the user and I clicked a tab with ESET. Now when I click the tab, I get an error. It’s also web based. Now my question is. Is it only web based now? If yes, why do I still see the tab ESET in AD users and computers? Thank you.
  17. Will we see a design change? Eset secure authentication looks good Eset antivirus/era looks good Eset deslock does not really fit in.
  18. Hi all, I want to thank all the great administrators, staff, contributors and ESET users. Because all of us together, this product gets better and ever each time. I love the way that ESET does care for everyone out there. Respect for the great team. Again, thanks for making such a great software. I just love it.
  19. Thanks. I needed this as well. This will not send notifications to the ERA. What if we want to disable the virus signature database popup? This is a different settings I assume?
  20. Ok. But like this right now its not user friendly! What is happening now: when clicking on update era agent, eset tells me to select the file. I do select and then I wait, nothing happens. Why? Because I have to do it through a task. What eset should do: When clicking on update era agent, eset should give a popup that I have to do it through a task. That is much more friendly.
  21. Thank you for the answer. I will contact customer support next time.
  22. Hi all, I blocked a website. It does work. So when I visit example.com, I get a notification in the right corner from eset that the website is blocked. But the page is showing http error or dns error. That does not look so great. Shouldnt it show eset or any other text on the webpage. That it’s blocked? anyone with a screenshot on how it normally should look like. I can share my blocked screen if you like. Thank you
  23. @MichalJ I had to update it through the eset security management component task. That did it correctly. But why do we have an option, on each computer, to push an update of the era agent or the eset product. Eset product update goes good. Era agent does not. I have to do it through the eset security management component.
  24. I have changed it like @Marcos suggested. Now I have: company a clients company a servers company b clients company b servers @MichalJ you are right. If I check the applied policies, I do see that they do not do any harm. Because they are greyed out. Server does not touch workstation policy and vice versa. Good to know. But having it in seperate groups. Is easier for me. You can close this topic. It’s solved. I hope that other people that are searching for this answer, will understand it as well.
  25. Hi all, now we have the cloud era environment. Also today I deployed some eset security on machines and they were not updating. I was looking in the issue for hours. The problem was that the servers were slow at ESET and that is why it was not updating. It happened to me half a year as well. Can we have a hxxp://status.eset.com page? It’s easier for all of us. Teamviewer has it too, hxxp://status.teamviewer.com
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