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  1. I did not get a PM from you. Can you send me the tool. After that I will send you the output with the ESET Log Collector. ".bip" should be flagged as filecoder.Crysis when ESET is scanning. Because those files are effected and the user needs to get a warning! I will tell you what happened: The customer is attacked by Filecoder.Crysis and they asked which file got infected. I searched for: ".bip" in Windows. But somehow, Windows did not search everything. I told the customer that those files got attacked and I did replace backups. All was good. 10 days later the customer said that he is still seeing ".bip" files in a folder. Unfortunately the backup was 7 days. Files are lost. If ESET could have seen the ".bip" files, then it alerted me. I could have seen this before and replaced backups for that user.
  2. I reinstalled ESET. Did a Scan. Still .bip files are there and ESET does not recognize. This is not normal behaviour right? Which logs do you need exactly?
  3. I have the same. Files got encrypted and now they are called --> [files.recovery@foxmail.com].bip ESET can't decrypt it? ESET is scanning the whole time. But it is not telling us that "BIP" is a virus. WHY? We should get a notification or an e-mail (if you have set it up), that there is a virus/ransomware. This is not right!
  4. Right click a pc and update the eset program on the pc and server. Without making a task. Is that an option!
  5. we do have the option to choose "remove other antivirus products". Well guess what? I published it through policy and forticlient got removed on all computers and laptops. Can you please give us an option that we can see a list of what kind of programs will get removed. So we are able to uncheck the ones and then create the package? Does that make sence? thanks.