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  1. Thanks @MichalJ. I asked the ESET business helpdesk for the following. They said that it’s not possible. Can you confirm? I do get duplicate IP from eset warnings. I like that feature. I also do get it in the era. It does show that this PC has an IP conflict. But the problem is, I don’t get an email about it. Do you know why it’s not possible to setup a rule for this? I want to see those notifications in my email. It’s important for me if there is a duplicate IP. As I dont login every day on the era and check the logs.
  2. The license manager in the ERA should change. Have you seen how deslock does it? That is nice. I wish if ERA could do the same. For example: you have 10 licenses, because you manage 10 companies from your era. When you click the license, you should be able to see which computers are linked to that license. Now I have to go to the ELA and check. Thats not nice. Deslock does that good. You select the license, it will show you wich computers are connected with that license. Perfect. Can that be added please?
  3. Right click a pc and update the eset program on the pc and server. Without making a task. Is that an option!
  4. we do have the option to choose "remove other antivirus products". Well guess what? I published it through policy and forticlient got removed on all computers and laptops. Can you please give us an option that we can see a list of what kind of programs will get removed. So we are able to uncheck the ones and then create the package? Does that make sence? thanks.
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