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  1. Please go to: enable the option: PDFCreator Now download the ninite package Run the ninite package ESET will give you warnings and the package does not download Is there something unsafe about it?
  2. @Marcos I installed ESET yesterday on 15 machines. After installing, it needs to download aprox. 15-30mb. That takes 30 min-45 min. That is way to long. The internet speed is perfect. Is something wrong configured on the ERA server?
  3. ESET and ransomware protection

    @Marcos right now we enable eset livegrid so we are protected against ransomware, right? When v7 gets released, we have eset livegrid + ransomware shield to enable?
  4. I am going to install ESET on 15 computers next week. Will tell you if it still happens. To be continued...
  5. I do understand that when a new release is released. But I do have it every time when I install ESET fresh on a client. Is it maybe downloading from my remote server instead of the ESET servers?
  6. You mean the servers of ESET get hammered and that is why it gets slower?
  7. Normally you do a right click in the taskbar on the Deslock icon and click on SYNC. We do have a policy at this company, to hide the taskbar. How do I do a SYNC? When I search in the programs list and select DESLOCK, nothing happens.
  8. @Marcos It would be smart if you could tell the developers to make boxes where people can put in their license key. For example box1 box2 box3 box4 People will paste the key: 123A-2928-281B-028C or 123A2928281B028C It will go into the boxes automatically If they copy it with our without dashes, it prefills in the boxes. This is great for User Experience.
  9. I have made a complete installer package I log in as administrator on the pc It installs the ESET Endpoint Security package I can see the ESET Remote Administrator agent + ESET Endpoint Security are installed ESET needs to download all the modules/virus definitions for the first time. It takes 30 min. Sometimes 45 min. Shouldn't this download in 5 min. ? I have fast speed. It is not my internet. What is the problem? My ERA is on a remote site. The virus definition updates and modules are downloading from the ESET servers correct? Not my ERA on remote site?
  10. A good way is to telnet. To see if the port is open. Happened to me before.
  11. Right click a pc and update the eset program on the pc and server. Without making a task. Is that an option!
  12. we do have the option to choose "remove other antivirus products". Well guess what? I published it through policy and forticlient got removed on all computers and laptops. Can you please give us an option that we can see a list of what kind of programs will get removed. So we are able to uncheck the ones and then create the package? Does that make sence? thanks.