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  1. The reports that some peoples settings are reset to their default value seem to be true.. But for me the only setting which was reset to its default value was the "boot up logo" when Eset starts, I always turn that logo off because it's annoying and blocks me from quickly accessing my things on the desktop. Regardless it was such a small thing that it didn't matter to me, or caused any real harm so not worth to complain about.. Still funny regardless that this was the only setting which got readjusted for me, I'm lucky again I guess? But I feel bad for those that got more important tweaks readjusted to their default values..
  2. Actually, I didn't check what version I was on when this issue started to begin with, all I know is after the issue popped up I rebooted my PC multiple times and tried scanning for updates, then I got an update which now when I check is indeed For whatever reason once it started updating to what I assume was it got stuck updating forever so I just rebooted my PC again, and now suddenly I could select to not allow this Eset live grid thing, and the update completed as well.. I don't know why it works for me and what made it to work really, but no issues now for me and everything works as it should! I am usually against downloading new software versions early on, and I usually just wait a few days atleast, but this one time when I feel like I can trust a company is the one time I get burned.. Never again.. Just glad all seems to work now for me, hopefully they'll sort this all out for the rest as well.
  3. Well they just released an update which fixed the problem for me! That was a fast fix, good work Eset.
  4. Yep, just updated as well and face the exact same issue. It asks you if you want to enable or disable the "Eset LiveGrid-Feedbacksystem." But regardless if you press allow or do not allow nothing ends up happening.
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