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  1. Need to disable Protocol filtering. Or as mentioned above disable HTTP PROTOCOL CHECKING. Pause web protection changed nothing.
  2. Will this be forwarded? Disabling the web scanner is no real solution.
  3. It is caused by the HTTP Scanner Module. (WEB PROTOCOLS / ENABLE HTTP PROTOCOL CHECKING) After disabling that Chrome is starting normal. ESET
  4. Since a few days I recognized that the first Chrome start is taking ~ up to 10 seconds. After removing Eset it starts like instant again. Opening another window of chrome is instant, like normal. I tried the Google Canary Builds with ESET -> Instant start (but other problems, normal for canary) I also tried a fresh Windows 10 (1709) Install with nothing but drivers, chrome, and ESET IS -> Slow start of Chrome again. No ESET / Windows / Chrome options changed, everything is pure Default Settings. Chrome Version 65.0.3325.162 ESET: 11 (tried downgrade to 10 / same result)
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