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  1. Hi I've noticed web pages in Chrome load slightly faster with web filtering switched off in ESET Internet Security but then I get the annoying red warning in ESET. Is there any way to switch off web filering and not get any warnings? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I'm well aware that the animation usually indicates a startup scan, product/signature update etc but in my case it seems to last indefinitely, ie until the PC is shut down, whether after 10 mins or after 5 hours despite startup scan having been completed and product (and virus definitions) being up to date. Even when i click on the 'update' button within the software and ESET shows the latest date/time of updates, the animation continues. I'm guessing this is a bug, albeit a minor one?
  3. Hi, My desktop PC is running Eset Internet Security v14.2.19 (64 bit) but every time I boot up the PC, a small blue dot continuously goes around the ESET logo and when I hover over this, it states 'update in progress', despite product already being up to date. Granted, its not a huge bug but can someone from ESET look into this please? Thanks
  4. Any VPN provider which offers you OpenVPN encryption will be fine - most do.
  5. The best VPN provider is the one which gives you the best speeds. AV software has no bearing on it.
  6. No thanks, the current ESET UI is fine as it is. It looks attractive without being overpowering and above all, is very user friendly - with no learning curve required. Maybe the OP would prefer something like this? lol
  7. @itman '"check for updates'' appears for both 32 & 64 bit 13.0.22 versions, so no issues there. My issue was, that clicking on "check for updates" in the 32 bit of v13.0.22 did NOT give me an option to upgrade to 13.0.24 whilst in the 64 bit version, there was an option to upgrade to 13.0.24. Therefore i had to manually download the 32 bit version of EIS 13.0.24 and install that over 13.0.22. Bit of a faff....
  8. Thanks. Yes I'm aware of that but my question was: why on my 64 bit version of EIS 13.0.22 i was able to update to 13.0.24 using the 'update' option within the software, but was unable to do the same for the 32 bit version on a different PC? Not a huge issue, as I manually downloaded the 32 bit version of 13.0.24 and just installed that over 13.0.22 but i'm curious to know why in program updates to the 64 & 32 bit versions are treated differently.
  9. On my 64 bit laptop, i was able to update EIS from 13.0.22 to 13.0.24 using the 'update' option within the program. However on my 32 bit desktop, there's no update available to 13.0.24 if going through the 'update' option. I had to manually download 13.0.24 and install that over 13.0.22. Which begs the question, why are updates to 64 bit & 32 bit versions treated differently? Cheers
  10. Hi, I'm unable to access stormfront.org from any of my PCs with EIS installed. I'm getting the following message in any browser: This doesn't happen on other PCs NOT running ESET products. Can someone from ESET fix this please? Alternatively can i whitelist this site in ESET settings? Oh and before anyone asks why I need to visit this site, I work/report for Hope Not Hate Cheers
  11. Hi Does anyone know why I was able to upgrade within the software from v11.0.159.9 to v11.1.42 on my Windows 10 32 bit PC, however on my Windows 10 64 bit PC, no updates are available to v11.1.42, and it is still stuck on v11.0.159.9 ? Cheers
  12. I have 2 pc's: one is running 64 bit Windows 10 Pro and the other 32 bit Windows 10 Pro. Both are running ESET Smart Security 10.2.19, 64 bit & 32 bit respectively. After Windows Creators update today on both PCs ESS no longer works on the 32 bit OS - 64 bit works fine. Trying to run egui.exe freezes the pc. I guess i need to remove ESS and re-install, is that correct? I hate you Microsoft!!!
  13. Euuurgggghhh....no thanks! IMHO Malwarebytes v3 is almost a virus/malware in itself. It slows down your pc and is a severe memory hog on your pc's resources. Its the complete antithesis of ESET.
  14. I'll wait until the year 2060 for Malwarebytes v25 before i think of using my lifetime licence again!
  15. Hi, IMHO Malwarebytes v3 is the absolute antithesis of ESET Smart Security. Whilst ESET SS is one of (if not the) lightest security products around, MB v3 is a severe memory/system resources hog, is full of bugs galore and feels like you're using a product from the 1980's. As an example, my Thinkpad X220 notebook with intel i7 processor, running with Win 7 64 bit and 16gb ram only uses ~ 60mb of system memory for ESET SS yet when i installed the bloatware known as Malwarebytes v3.05 it used ~300mb of system memory, made my notebook fan spin almost constantly and worst of all, was making my notebook battery last less than 5 hours when i got at least 6 hrs with no MB bloatware installed. On the plus side, I didn't find any conflicting issues between the 2 softwares but I removed MB v3.05 almost immediately. The other day i re-installed MB v3.06 of MB and the same performance issues were still there and when i asked the forum mods why they aren't fixed in v3.06 i was told MB has always worked this way!!! Needless to say I won't be going back to MB v3 anytime soon even though I was foolish enough to buy a lifetime licence on ebay....
  16. You can but I wouldn't recommend it as Internet Security v10 is slightly inferior to Smart Security v10 -no anti theft module. Just upgrade to Smart Security v10, job done ✅
  17. Smart Security is available in v10, albeit only for those with an existing ESS license. See here for comparison: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb318/
  18. Indeed cyberhash, ESET have officially released v10 of all their products on the international website: https://www.eset.com/int/download-home/
  19. Marcos, is the English V10 yet available?Yes v10 in English is available see links herehttps://forum.eset.com/topic/9663-ess-10-final-release-date/page-2
  20. For those who want to download ESET Smart Security v10.0.369.0 64 bit https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/ess/windows/latest/ess_nt64_enu.exe 32 bit https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/ess/windows/latest/ess_nt32_enu.exe
  21. On a serious note Marcos, can we expect v10 to be released in some/all English speaking countries by this Thursday 13th Oct.? (2 weeks from 29th Sept.)
  22. Apparently ESET haven't finished translating v10 products into English just yet.....
  23. I installed English version 9.0.349 until the German version 9.0.349 is out, and that solved the problems with windows updates and general "freezing"/slowness problems, see here. Thanks, v 9.0.349 has cured this!
  24. Marcos, Why on earth cannot one update from ESS 9.0.318 to 9.0.349 using the 'check for updates' button under 'product update'. Otherwise i don't really see what purpose this button actually serves...
  25. I have the same problem. I have two PCs running ESS v9 & Windows 7 (one is 32 bit & other is 64 bit). With ESS on, Windoze takes at least 15 mins to find updates, yet with ESS off it takes less that 30 seconds. So ESS is clearly interfering. BtW I have ESS set to keep me UN-NOTIFIED of any Windoze updates. Could ESET help us resolve this? Cheers Psycho
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