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  1. further to my previous posting. My time machine no longer works. I tried returning to Cyber Security and deleting the pro version with out any luck. Tried a number of things including re-installing the OS problem not fixed damage already done.
  2. I have just upgraded from Cyber Security to Cyber Security pro I had no problems accessing my bank account on line now I cannot access it with the Pro version. To access the account I have to click on a keyboard which is displayed automatically, to enter my password. With the pro the keyboard does not appear so I can't enter my pass word. The website is ok I have checked the board is available when using Win 10. Any ideas other then reverting back to Cyber Security. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  3. Further to a previous post re this subject. Have now received mail advising my license has expired. My license is valid until 13/5/2017 and is operating normally with virus signature updates being updated and install normally l.e. the program is functioning normally. I use VPN is that the problem ? Been using ESET for 15 yrs without problems until now.
  4. My license is valid until 15/3/2017 I've been mailed it expires today. What goes?
  5. Thank you to those who replied. I have successfully updated all three systems to version 8 without any problems using live update. I would not have known there had been an update if I hadn't dropped in on this forum. Is there an automatic notification system to alert license holders product updates are available. regards
  6. I use Eset Smart security on two PCs one win 7 32 bit a second win 8.1 64 bit and on a laptop win 7 64 bit. All different licences expiring different dates in 2016. I see in this forum advice that the program has been updated from version 7 to version 8. My versions are 7.0.317.4. I have received no automatic update advice on any of the above systems when I manually check the reply is all my systems are up todate which doesn't appear to be so. My present systems with version 7 work to my satisfaction I'm reluctant to update all three systems to version 8 after the experience I had with a manual update l did some time ago I don't won't to jump that hurdle(s) again. if I leave my systems as is I guess its ok for me to do so. Any comments please. .
  7. This what I have done since last logging on. With both the laptop and win7 pc. Clicked on the ESET icon in the bottom tray. Moved the curser to the display anywhere will do. Then hit F5. Expand update on the menu by clicking on it. Click on settings. Then advanced update setup button.Then http proxy button. I found the use global proxy server setting had been activated I deactivated that by activating Do not use proxy server. I checked both systems over a few days. It took a few days for both to update the virus data base on bootup and during the time they were running, they check for updates at approx one hour intervals. The only other check I have done is manually flush the dns cache the system should do this automatically on a reboot. Both systems have been behaving for two days so hopefully I have cured the problem. I even renewed the license on this pc for another 2 years. Regards
  8. I haven't solved the problem. I updated Eset Smart Security manually to 7.0.317.4 on the following systems which constitutes a home wifi setup using my own Netgear R6300 router and Netgear CG3000 cable gateway provided by my ISP (a) a win 8.1 Pro 64 bit pc (b) Win7 32bit pc. A wIn7 HP 64 bit laptop is part of the wifi set up from time to time. Eset Smart Security is set to default on all computers. The Win 8.1 PC behaves correctly it updates the virus data base on bootup and at intervals during usage. The win7 32bit pc does not update the virus data base on bootup nor does it update the data base during the 14 hrs it runs daily. It did prior to the 7.0.317.4 update. I have to manually update with some problems I have to retry a number of times before a successful download because a message informs me the data base is up to date when in fact I know it isn't from checking the Threatsense page. Its a similar problem with the laptop again I didn't have this problem before the upgrade. The obvious answer, I thought to the problem, was I use a UPS and there are actions that occur with ESET if it detects a system running on batteries, the power usage set up I use in Windows takes UPS usage into account. I didn't have any of these problems before the upgrade I've been using a UPS for 10 yrs plus and ESET for at least 15 yrs. Anybody any ideas. Regards
  9. I may have solved the problem I won't know completely for 24 hrs. This is what I have done. In Tools/Sheduler I've unchecked Automatic startup file check successful update of virus signature database and Automatic startup user logon both reference battery usage. When I took that action and rebooted the virus signature updated correctly
  10. I use a UPS out of necessity. The virus database update will not update automatically because it interprets my UPS as my system is running on a battery as per the set up advice. Any suggestions how to overcome this and don't suggest turning off the UPS. Regards .
  11. All ok problem fixed after discussion with Aussie office. Also had another problem fixed. Two birds witht the one stone. Regards from Down under
  12. Apologies did not know how to respond to request. have just joined forum. regards
  13. user name EAV-XXXXXXXXXX. Paid license valid until 31/7/2014.. I have now received mail requesting me to phone the Australian office which is only a couple of suburbs away from me I will do that Monday morning its is Saturday here as i write. The mail states. " there is an issue with this license; as such you will need to contact the Head Office in Brisbane during their business hours:" When I renew my licences I normally do so for two or more years particularly if a deal is offered for extended license periods. I have another license on another pc win8 64 bit I've up dated it to Eset Smart Security 7 I have no problems with its operation. One thought I have is the licenses and passwords may be confused I use the same email address for both licenses. Thankyou for your reply Regards
  14. I've been happily using Eset products for over 15 yrs without any problems, I recently re-installed my win7 sp1 OS. i have upgraded to Smart Security 7. I have had no problems for a week or so I now find I cannot update the virus signature database. License validity is confirmed until 31/7/2014. If I manually try to update A window pops up with the correct user name and password. When I confirm a message then says either one or both are incorrect. So I cannot update and keep the antivirus current. I have found a work around by downloading the trial version have it activate and then update the virus database then activate again by using my paid user name and password which it does without any problems it then won't accept them during an update. I've tried suggestions to overcome the problem published in support to no avail. I've mailed support with a follow up email three days ago but had no reply. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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