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  1. In my case removing all chrome extensions resolved the issue completely.
  2. I followed your advice and removed all chromes extensions in safe mode. For the time being it seems the ESET warnings stopped. Thanks
  3. When no browser is running I don't get alerts. I didn't see alerts with microsoft edge - for the time being only with chrome. How do i run browser without extensions?
  4. Hi,Lately I keep getting repeated warnings from my antivirus (Eset) claiming it identified a threat and removed it. The threat name is JS/adware.Revizer.B and according to the warning it was found in a file on my computer named https://s3.amazonaws.com/jscache/16a168f0afda0c3c2.js. Another message claims a web address was blocked (https://netcheckcdn.xys/log?I=error&m=invalid or un) and another reports blocking another address (hxxp://S3.amazonaws.com/jschache/16a168f0af2da0c3c) .This happens with every chrome browser window I open.In addition clicking links in different windows often caus
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