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  1. Thanks for the info, I messed with it anyhow and while NOD would only create a x86 disc I was able to migrate it over to the x64 disc manually and after some tweaking of the registry paths it's working. The linux live discs aren't usually large when compared to the winpe's so I look forward to that change!
  2. It's been a while since I created new discs to boot from but I was surprised to find that the current version of NOD only allows the creation of x86 WinPE's! I've been consolidating a few different solutions (not just AV) into onto one PE and when I got to NOD (over 6 hours in) I was surprised to see that only the x86 version was supported (from a Windows 7 x64 Installation)! Live and learn I guess but I was rather disappointed to see this and can't figure out WHY this is the case considering x64 is the default these days and has been for years. Keeping x86 as an option for WinPE is fine, bu
  3. I'm not familiar with this issue but if it was happening on my system, the first things I would check would be the 'removable media' & 'device control' settings under Advanced Setup>Computer and try changing a few settings there to see if it helps. The fact that your other flash drive works without issues though makes me think it won't but no harm trying. I will say that I experience a sort of temporary system freeze on occasion while using a different product, agnitum outpost. With HIPS all set to prompt, the first time I insert a new device that the computer must install it freez
  4. Well after responding above I re-enabled the web protections just to test it out with 7. I've visited my normal round of daily sites and haven't had ANY issues pop up yet. :-/ Update: I've had a few glitches. Generally the 'bugged' pages get displayed as html code or get stuck loading a certain element and never finish with the rest of the page. Once so far a jpeg got 'chopped' into a few blocks and displayed incorrectly like a badly put together puzzle made of large squares. Refreshing the page has worked each time so far for all the pages except jpeg chops. Depending on the frequenc
  5. Nothing I couldn't handle. As I stated in the post I disabled the web protections in NOD. I just posted elsewhere about this actually, lol. I remember having issues with certain things on an older NOD version and fixed it that way. So I did it with 7 as well by reflex. I love the AntiVirus, but I just like the other protections (alerts, rule setup, etc) of Outpost more so I rely on that one for most everything else. I do have them both running real-time but OSS is set to scan on execution only. As for the backup, I usually end up using that quite often, I have an image of a 'clean' insta
  6. I have Agnitum Outpost Security Suite 8.1.2 & NOD AV v7 running side by side with realtime protection enabled for each without issues however I disabled the 'integrate into system' for Protocol Filtering under advanced setup. I remember having some type of issue with this on previous version (cant recall what) so I never bothered to test it on 7. I have a mess of 'incompatable' programs that require tweaking to play nice together, this is the only thing I've had to do inside NOD tho.
  7. AntiVirus: NOD32 (Web prot modules disabled), Outpost Security Suite (formerly VirusBuster) On Demand Only: Malwarebytes, SuperAnti-Spyware FireWall & HIPs: Outpost Security Suite Browser: IceDragon w NoScript Virtualization: VMWare Backup: Acronis True Image Other: Zemana Antilogger PRO (System Defense module disabled), DNSCrypt (OpenDNS), occasionally use Malwarebytes anti-exploit beta
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