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  1. Yes the Graphics Card works just fine with the latest version of Ubuntu but Sysrescue will not boot to the Gui it always gives me a blank screen and says Out of Range it worked with my previous card which was a Titan X but it won't work with the 1080
  2. I stated before in a previous post my GTX 1080 will not work with the current version
  3. Is there going to be an update to sysrescue
  4. Yes I created a Ubuntu live cd with 17.10.1 and it booted just fine no errors
  5. Eset Sysrescue will not work with my video card when I boot from the disc it loads through the startup screen but will not load the gui it says out of range I have an Nvidia GTX 1080 running Windows 10 pro Could you add support for my video card Thanks
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