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    Peter_J received kudos from Mauricio Osorio in Database server connection is not working   
    Hello, the documentation is fixed (all available languages).
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    Indeed only DER format is supported for both import and export of CA certificates. We will have to check whether it is clearly communicated.
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    Peter_J gave kudos to MartinK in KB6666 Computers with less than 1,000 MB free disk space   
    I think there are two possibilities (but had not confirmed it is actually enabled):
    configure notification over this dynamic group. Unfortunately you will be receiving notification without list, and most probably for each device separately. use scheduled reports. It should be possible to prepare report which shows devices in specific group (or maybe dynamic groups can be completely bypassed here). Once reports is prepared, it is possible to schedule it to be sent to email, and there should be possibility to not send empty data.
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