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  1. Let someone run the file documento.exe on their computer, and honestly write what happened. documento.exe - not Suspicious Objekt, this is totally Trojan.Ransom. I am absolutely sure that this cipher, to extort money from ignorant people. And the business version of the antivirus did not see it.It’s just a huge shame for the reputation of the company that puts advertising banners in Germany at the Bundesliga matches. Specifically - at the matches of Borussia Dortmund. BitDefender
  2. You must be ashamed. I will send a copy of the black screen to office ESET but asking me to pay for decrypting my computer files. This happened after launch DOCUMENTO.EXE (documento.exe) This virus completely destroyed all the disks on the computer. All information was encrypted. And for the decryption they asked for 734 dollars. Tomorrow I will remove ESET from my computer and install an antivirus that is looking for something in file firefox.exe, nightly.exe, and opera installer. I will put an antivirus with a powerful cloud service, which will remove or place any suspicious file in th
  3. adelantado.dll - a variant of Win32 / Injector.EHZT trojan was inside the archive along with other files that were in different directories and even in the registry. the virus was in file "Documento.exe" - he infected memory and changed registry keys, he was in directories Roaming, Temp, Windows > Tasks, Roaming > Microsoft > Cripto. That is why he infected the computer's memory and files from various directories.
  4. Once again. https://imageban.ru/show/2019/09/26/e137d33ae8e08e0aedcb3e5a9327e298/png Again Microsoft, McAfee, AVG, Avast, Sophos, Fortinet - W32/Generic.AC.4231A6, McAfee - Artemis!BDF54634DDA8, Microsoft - Trojan:Win32/FuerboosC!cl Shame not to include files in extensions .exe
  5. Tell me please when file "Documento.exe" will be detected as a virus. Kaspersky, Microsoft, McAfee a day ago they gave a detection. And many more antiviruses recognized the Trojan in it. This is a real Trojan. ESET is silent when unpacking a file. Norton delete immediately this file.
  6. hxxp://forum.byw.ru content and resourse are must be blocked for visiting
  7. This module collects information about web addresses and their owners. Also this module collects and sells web addresses. Disable antispam. Sent to ESET. My mail should not be read by anyone, only the addressee. This is an article of the Criminal Code on owny countries. It is forbidden you know ESET. Read your license agreement .............
  8. It's just incredible. It's just incredible. My 11-year-old sister knows that ask.com it is rare muck. One must be an idiot to allow to install this toolbar. By the way, virustotal............................................................
  9. In that case, you need to make the module, as it is implemented in Comodo. The program writes that it considers this application potentially dangerous. And this application has helped me many times and has never harmed the system. The problem is that if you have a detect, then there not a choice. The file is immediately quarantined. It would be useful to isolate the file and write Win32 / ProcessHacker.A, then give the user a choice like on the screenshot in the attachment. But only for potentially unwanted or dangerous programs. This does not apply to viruses. The virus must be deleted. I do
  10. https://wj32.org/processhacker/forums/viewforum.php?f=5 A legitimate program that has been used by different people for many years to accurately remove processes, rootkits, to track processes and their actions in the system. Absolutely safe. ESET Endpoint Security 7.0.2053.0 delete file kprocesshacker.sys and remove from Program Files program folder.
  11. 1) ip-132-148-197-187.ip.secureserver.net - Are you sure that behind this IP is not a maniac killer or a hacker who collects information? I do not know. It's just numbers and letters. People are behind them. What people? You know? Did you see them? Do you know them? Did you analyze the outbound traffic from computer when an application QTXWPF.exe. is connected to the Internet? 2) QTXWPF.exe - it's just letters. But and I gave you a link(!!!) with a modified file, which is a medium-level threat according to the antivirus company Symantec. Also 24 (!!!) AV company: McAfee, Kaspersky, BitD
  12. If the program leaves files of incomprehensible content in various system directories, registers itself in startup and changes the browser's start page, then this is a HARMFUL program. It also creates empty folders and connects to the Internet. In your opinion, is this normal? A person is going to defend his doctoral dissertation, and in it are unclear files, when launching which appear game windows, windows crashes in the system and all those windows and files that I and other people have posted above. Symantec, Kaspersky and F-Secure have detect of this virus or malware. At the top of t
  13. This window appeared after the rules of HIPS, which prohibit the creation, launch and modification of any other files and system parameters
  14. The creation, modification and launch of the file is prohibited without my permission by the HIPS module. Try to prevent HIPS from accessing all files to the QTXWPF.exe on computer. You will see a completely different image. This is called MODIFICATION AND CREATION OF NEW APPLICATION. You are very active in antispam, which is usually a supplement to the main program. You have a rootkit detection module of 2017 and a module nettoyage spéciale 2016 in the 7th version of ESET Endpoint Security 7.0.2053.0. This is the version of 2018 !!!!!! Analyze the traffic of the program and look at its activ
  15. OK, then just detect this application as you want. But do not miss dangerous or even potentially dangerous programs. You still do not have this application detection were. "Potentially unsafe" for example. And once again, study the detection of antivirus companies that already detect this seemingly ordinary program as Trojan. These companies are many, and there are also no fools working and define the file as malicious. Regards.
  16. This "game tool" is installed without my permission, configures folders and files in different directories ( Temp: ScintillaNET 3.5.10 and SciLexer.dll) and connects to the Internet. Without a license agreement and without notifications. AppData > Roaming: rbx_hook, SLX.wmp.dll, slx_version. Do you really think this is a "game tool"? No, I do not know what kind of information about me and my system transmits the application. Confidentiality of my information may be used for fraudulent purposes. BitDefender, Avira, Comodo, McAfee, TrendMicro much closer to the truth than ESET. This is W32.T
  17. https://www.virustotal.com/fr/file/eeb259180a974966942d86b7008f3ee48cde187075d0ebbf63d501f69f1f6003/analysis/1526498428/ hxxp://my-files.ru/mlxzrx This file create new folders, files in Temp and Roaming and application connect to internet to IP This file also create new program and tries to connect to the system file werfault.exe (system 32 Win 7 SP 1)
  18. Tell me please, Peter, beta-version of THIS product It is necessary to put on a clean system or can be on top of ESET Endpoint Security 6.6
  19. Hi Peter - Please sign me up for this as well. I so long awaited this version of ESET Security 7 beta, I really want to test. Do not refuse me, please. I will help you - you'll see. Do not look at me as a . I tested a lot of antivirus software from 2000 year. I like yours ESET the longest. Despite the fact that I am a novice. Please. I buy Eset Endpoint Security in febraury. I have almost a year ahead. Thanks, Kind Regards, cincerelly
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