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  1. Let someone run the file documento.exe on their computer, and honestly write what happened. documento.exe - not Suspicious Objekt, this is totally Trojan.Ransom. I am absolutely sure that this cipher, to extort money from ignorant people. And the business version of the antivirus did not see it.It’s just a huge shame for the reputation of the company that puts advertising banners in Germany at the Bundesliga matches. Specifically - at the matches of Borussia Dortmund. BitDefender
  2. You must be ashamed. I will send a copy of the black screen to office ESET but asking me to pay for decrypting my computer files. This happened after launch DOCUMENTO.EXE (documento.exe) This virus completely destroyed all the disks on the computer. All information was encrypted. And for the decryption they asked for 734 dollars. Tomorrow I will remove ESET from my computer and install an antivirus that is looking for something in file firefox.exe, nightly.exe, and opera installer. I will put an antivirus with a powerful cloud service, which will remove or place any suspicious file in the sandbox. Kaspersky, Norton, Malwarebytes, Zemana,
  3. adelantado.dll - a variant of Win32 / Injector.EHZT trojan was inside the archive along with other files that were in different directories and even in the registry. the virus was in file "Documento.exe" - he infected memory and changed registry keys, he was in directories Roaming, Temp, Windows > Tasks, Roaming > Microsoft > Cripto. That is why he infected the computer's memory and files from various directories.
  4. Once again. https://imageban.ru/show/2019/09/26/e137d33ae8e08e0aedcb3e5a9327e298/png Again Microsoft, McAfee, AVG, Avast, Sophos, Fortinet - W32/Generic.AC.4231A6, McAfee - Artemis!BDF54634DDA8, Microsoft - Trojan:Win32/FuerboosC!cl Shame not to include files in extensions .exe
  5. Tell me please when file "Documento.exe" will be detected as a virus. Kaspersky, Microsoft, McAfee a day ago they gave a detection. And many more antiviruses recognized the Trojan in it. This is a real Trojan. ESET is silent when unpacking a file. Norton delete immediately this file.
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