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  1. Update: Today the warnings and errors are gone and no longer showing up. So seems that my certificate generated according to my last post worked fine after all, just took some time for the warnings & errors to clear...
  2. I've encountered the same issue when upgrading to version 7. I see from this thread that the root certificate needs to be included, but even after providing such a certificate I'm still getting the same error. Just to ensure that the full certificate chain is there I verified it using openssl verify command. I've also verified that the root certificate is present in /etc/ssl/certs/* folder (Ubuntu). See below. Verified the certificate: $ openssl verify -CAfile comodo-rsa-domain-validation-sha-2-w-root.ca-bundle my.domain.com.crt my.domain.com.crt: OK I then produced the pfx file us
  3. For us, so far, the example given in this thread has been working great. /Volumes/GoogleDrive/*.* However, I'm now moving over to look at this issue for Windows users. How would one solve it there since volumes are only named with a letter? Seems like it's favoring "G:\" but I guess if it would already be occupied, it would choose another letter. So excluding the "G"-drive doesn't do the trick in all cases. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks @MartinK for the quick answer. Deleting /bin/systemctl did the trick, the installation was now successful.
  5. Hello! I'm dockerizing the ESET Remote Administrator and trying to get it to run locally, however, I'm facing an unknown error during installation as well as a "Failed to connect to bus" error. See installation log in the bottom of this post. Just below here I'll highlight the errors occurring. OS: Ubuntu 16.04 This error occurs at first installation attempt, the error number is different every time. Failed to get unit file state for eraserver.service: Unknown error 1778006384 The error below occurs at first installation attempt, but persist the next time I
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