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  1. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Hello all, New win32/Exploit .Agent.NZK threat has occur again. Please advise.Attached is the log file.
  2. Trojan Threat

    Hello Marcos, please take a look at this log file MCHHM32__WMILister_MainLog_20180323.084031.3007.txt
  3. Trojan Threat

    The log file is about 90mb but only 10mb is allowed here. I just sent the attachment to sample@eset. Can you access it from there?
  4. Trojan Threat

    Dear all, How do i get rid of this Win32/Rozena.XK threat?
  5. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Hello James, Could you help with remote session to these servers? 4 of these servers keep reoccurring after the steps above. Please assist.
  6. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    The Malware is occurring within the VLAN environment.
  7. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Hello James, this threat has come up again after 24hours on two servers for now. And the script above has been re-run and looks ok again. what do you advice we do next?
  8. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Thanks James. It is all good now
  9. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Thanks James. I could not upload the Log.txt but the ESET team in Nigeria has sent a zip file directly to your mail
  10. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Hello Team, Please see attached the Processlist and Pl. txt file pl.txt ProcessList (1).txt
  11. Malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK

    Thanks. I will do so and revert
  12. how do i get rid of the malware Win32/Exploit.Agent.NZK from the server