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  1. I was out of the office yesterday. But yes I shut my laptop down when I take it to and from work.
  2. Rami- I will give it a go when it happens again. Usually around 2-3 pm. I will probably disable one by one to narrow faster. Seems when I shut it all off and then start it up, it goes fine until the next day.
  3. It happened again this afternoon. I was in the middle of submitting a bid and had a deadline. I just turned off MB and everything went to normal. So I didn't get the report..but will. I happen to agree with mippster about this being fine until a few weeks ago. Mippster, is the web protection what I need to disable?
  4. Thank you. I will try the feature disabling of MBpro. I will also gather the information as per Marco's instructions. thank you all for the quick responses...
  5. I to have Malwarebytes installed and have NEVER had this problem before...Any help would be greatly appreciated....this has only happened 2 times in the last 12 twelve days. I don't play games and only use for personal and work.
  6. I have been an Eset user since 2003. I just renewed my 10 licenses and am thinking I shouldn't have....My computer sports 2 SSD samsung 850 pro 512 (main) and 1tb (backup) drives, 32 gig memory and dedicated graphics, win 7pro 64 on my laptop. Recently with in the last 12 days my computer just crawls (never happened before) and using procexp 64 I found that eset maxes at 95-99% and no idea why; its not updating or running scans and takes me awhile to shut thing down to restart. Any idea why? Can anyone help?
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