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  1. I'm trying to set up ESET SysRescue on a USB inside a WinPE environment. According to the KB about ESET NOD32 Antivirus (Link: https://help.eset.com/eav/8/en-US/index.html?idh_rescuecd_create_winpe.htm, which includes information about SysRescue), SysRescue runs inside a WinPE environment. However, that is through the installer that comes from NOD32 as far as I can see. I am using the SysRescue Live installer (Link: https://www.eset.com/int/support/sysrescue/#download) and it seems to install just in a Linux environment on the USB. How do I set up SysRescue to install and run in a WinPE enviro
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