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  1. 10 hours ago, katycomputersystems said:

    Marcos: Thanks. It's a mix of W7 & W10 causing the update issue. The notification is valuable, we want it to continue, but need a bit more information to help us resolve the alert. 

    I changed the non-ESET application setting - looking forward to getting this information, it affects less than 10% of our clients, but the information will be helpful.

    I changed this setting & waited until the workstation checking in a couple of times, I still don't see the Security Product listed on this page:


    Is it on another page, the client's configuration is showing the new setting:

    Client has McAfee:


    Personally, I think this would allow us to sell a lot more ESET. Going a bit further, I wonder if it is possible to get the expiration date of the installed product? Then a month or two before the competing product is due for renewal, we as MSP's can go in and quote for the renewal.



  2. 1 hour ago, ewong said:

    Description:  Able to determine the "reason" why the task failed in the Task Execution History.


    Right now, suppose a task failed for a particular system.  In ERA, you go to that system, go to "TASK EXECUTIONS", select the task entry,  and then right click and select "History", it would show something like:

    2018   Mar 22 16:06:58           Security product       Failed       Task failed              Task failed in the security product

    There's no way to find out "why it failed" until I go directly to that system and do a manual check.

    Having some sort of reason why it failed helps the sysadmin to figure out how to get it updated, if it is at all possible.


    I agree with this.

    Typical example yesterday, in which I was attempting to install ESET EAV on a machine. The report said "try installing the product locally." Did this and then realised that I was trying to install EAV when I should have been installing ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server. 

    In this case, I would like to see the report come back and say something along the lines of "Detected O/S: Windows Server 2016. Compatible products are ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server." Like wise, if it were a linux system, then "Detected O/S: Ubuntu Server 16.04.4. Compatible products are ESET File Security for Linux / FreeBSD." etc. 

    The agent has all the info about the O/S, so why not use that information and parse back some meaningful information?



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