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  1. Support might not work on weekends, so hopefully you will get help soon. I had that happen to my installation back in version 10. I was just about to reinstall Windows anyway, so I didn't bother messing with it. Worked fine afterwards.
  2. I am playing Monster Hunter World on PS4 (just finished the campaign) and Final Fantasy Royal Edition on PC. Eagerly awaiting Far Cry 5 at the end of the month.
  3. Happening here too, in Sweden. I am sure we are all on different ISPs, so it's definitely an ESET thing. So not on your or my end, just wait it out and they'll fix it. It's the weekend so it might take some hours if we are unlucky.
  4. It's not a bug. It takes a few minutes for all security products to register with the Security Center. That goes for all security products and it has always been that way. The difference now is that ESET actually tells you that it isn't registered yet instead of saying it is when it isn't.
  5. You might have downloaded and installed the stand-alone antivirus - Nod32 - instead of the complete security suite that includes a firewall. The license for the security suite can be used to activate the stand-alone antivirus as well.
  6. Thanks Marcos! The last time it was logged was yesterday when I posted the screenshots above, so I will monitor it in the upcoming days. It usually happens once every 24-48 hours or so.
  7. No, I an not a n00b. Trust me, I run a very tight ship here, and the issue is not on my computer. This happens, as I wrote earlier in this very thread, on new Windows 10 installations with Nod32 as the first program installed after basic drivers and Windows updates.
  8. No, it has never happened on startup. And Internet is fine when this happens - I am always connected to things like IRC, and when Internet goes down for even a second, it shows in those logs with a disconnect. The problem is not on my PC.
  9. The latest version is You can download and isntall it manually if you aren't up to date. I haven't bothered thinking about this error, since it is kind of a non-issue. Sometimes when it checks for a program update (not a regular definitions update) it can't connect to the server and it gives this error. This happens with the latest version as well, on multiple computers with completely unrelated IPs or ISPs, and on completely fresh Windows 10 installations where Nod32 is the first program installed after basic drivers and Windows Update. It fixes itself next time it the program update runs and it connects.
  10. Same here, and several people I know experience the same thing. It is not on your end.
  11. Suprisingly, it looks like a legit deal. It's not a third party seller, but Amazon itself that sells it for that price on the UK site. The problem is that you have to use Kaspersky afterwards. (j/k)
  12. Don't turn it off. It is the Windows Firewall service that is running, and that should not be turned off.
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