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  1. Hi, we are currently trying Eset MDM for iOS and Android. Everything is working fine but i'm missing an essential Feature...Does Eset MDM Support Containers in iOS and Android? And does ESET Support Android for Work (Android Enterprise)? Thank you
  2. Topic can be closed. Sadly the Support couldnt solve the Problem. We found out ourself, that our ERA-Appliance was too old for the current MDM-Appliance. The Database Schema was not compatible, so the Tokens couldn'T get synced. We now installed the MDM Connector locally on the Era an fixed the Database Problems. Thank you
  3. Hi Oliver, thank your for your assistance. a) The MDM was installed last week, so it propably had enough time b) We wasn't able to enroll a single device because of that error, so it shouldn't be possible that all links are used. What i saw with an Hotline Employee was that there are enough Tokens inside the MDM MySQL. But the Error persists. Thank you.
  4. Hello, we have a new installed MDM Appliance working. But everytime we try an enrollement (Email or other Links) for Mobile Devices, we get: Enrollment has failed: Cannot allocate enough enrollement links. Please try again later in a few minutes until they are replicated Both Era and MDM Appliance are Up2Date.MDM is accessible from outside the Network. Any Ideas, what could be wrong. Regards, V
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