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  1. I have already gone through all these steps with ESET support. Still doesnt work Just want to know if it will work or not.
  2. Hello, So i have posted previously and also tried to seek help of your support staff but to no avail. I have updated windows (in fact done a fresh install), updated my drivers, updated ESET. your webcam protection just doesn't seem to work. Does not tell me which system processes are asking for access to webcam or even if I want to Skype, ESET shows no notifications. none whatsoever. Will this be fixed at some point or we should just ignore this and look elsewhere?
  3. Just wondering if this would be fixed at some point or would remain like this! eagerly waiting for an answer.
  4. I am sorry I do not understand. What do I need to enable and where?
  5. Hi , I have just installed and updated ESET internet security and for some reason ESET is not warning me and asking for permission when the webcam is in use. For example, when I open up the camera app or just Skype with a friend, ESET is not giving any warnings. Why is this please?
  6. Hello, So I have tried many times for this. The banking protection just does not want to work in Chrome. I have uninstalled both ESET and Chrome and installed them again. Attaching a screenshot that I have the latest version of Chrome. With Firefox everything seems to work perfect and if I open a bank site, ESET automatically asks if I wish to open a secured browser.
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