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    notimportant gave kudos to Marcos in This guys test a few days ago with Eset   
    You can see in the test that ESET detected 100% of the samples in that SYNTHETIC (ie. not a real-world) "test" so no better result could be achieved.
    We have already commented on it as follows:
    This test is completely wrong. First of all, you skip the very first layer of defense - Web access protection which is very strong in ESET and blocks download from malicious urls which could save users in many cases from new malware even entering the system. Secondly, by disabling real-time protection you prevent HIPS from receiving events on the file system level and thus make HIPS and all HIPS dependent components ineffective, such as: Ransomware shield, Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner, Deep Behavior Inspection, Advanced Machine Learning, etc.
    Disabling real-time protection is not just disabling the use of signatures which are, by the way, typically smart DNA signatures in case of ESET, ie. they only describe the malicious behavior to be detected. Disabling RTP prevents other modules from working effectively since they won't receive information about file system events which have nothing to do with signature detection whatsoever.
    In real world users must not and do not disable particular protection modules. If they do, they must understand they do it at their own risk and expose the machine to malware attacks and infection.
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