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  1. All looks good, both 7.3.2032 and 7.3.2036 Detection Engines are updating 👍 I will now push the new client update on my users. Cheers @offbyone
  2. @offbyone I have updated my policy as the above and this has pushed an update of the Detection Engine. I will see if this continues during the day and also if the older 7.3 clients get updates too. Thanks for the help.
  3. Yes, I can also confirm that a machine I updated 12 hrs ago to 7.3.2036 has not had its Detection Engine updated (the last update was to 21580 (20200630). Looking on https://www.virusradar.com/en/update/info/ I see the engine is at 21582
  4. @Marcos I have 7.3.2032 already installed, would I expect the new version 7.3.2036 to require a reboot to complete installation. I am seeing this as the case on my first deployment, I was hoping for future version to not require this, or ideally show the update from the client with the new application update available message.
  5. @Marcos Thanks for the update. For now I'll force the new update through to my clients.
  6. Just been alerted on ECA that a new version of EES was availiable (7.1.2045.5), had to go to https://www.eset.com/us/business/endpoint-security/windows-security/download/ to find out the changelog. Does the Changed: Product is Micro PCU "ready" (Program Component Update) now mean that clients will start to get the update automatically? I have this setting to Autoupdate in the policy for PCU, my clients are all currently on 7.0.2100.4
  7. @MichalJ Thanks for the update. Things are working now as expected. One observations is that during the policies being cleared I had to disable the firewall on some clients, but I never got an alert in the ECA to say the firewall was disabled on these. I would have expected some kind of warning.
  8. @MartinK Any update on this, or an ETA? I'm still waiting to re-deploy the agent with correct settings to all my workstations.
  9. Hi, I have been made aware that some time this morning (Thursday 4th April), the policy for my ESET Security Clients have had their settings reset. I have lost all rules and zones created in the firewall, and the evaluate rules from Windows Firewall is switched off. I am unable to login into the ECA as login errors are shown. On our critical test machines, I have had to switch the clients firewall off until further notice. What has gone wrong!?
  10. @MartinK @MichalJ Any update/solution to the proxy settings? In particular why I am not getting the global proxy setting enabled when deploying the agent. I would like to get my installations re-deployed with a working agent as soon as I can. Cheers
  11. I have reinstalled the new agent (one used above) onto a client without uninstalling the agent first, as I thought the results are different. The configuration settings for a clean install match the ones for an overwrite except for the services setting. The Services still point to the old ESMC address, which would have been the Global Proxy address. I don't understand why the global proxy address is not being set, and all the individual proxy settings using this. For any relevance, I install the agents by the remote deployment tool. I use the agent created in a live installer. When deploying I unset the use ESET AV remover, I didn't want it to clear any previous installs.
  12. I have remade the agent and deployed it to a client. I uninstalled the previous agent first before installing the new one. These are the setting shown below: Config = Client Configuration Settings pulled by ECA, Policy = ECA Policy Settings Can you please confirm that this is what is expected from installing the agent as I have done. Config - Agent Advanced.jpg shows Proxy Configuration set to Different Proxy Per Service, and Global Proxy greyed out. Config - Agent Replication.jpg shows the correct settings. Config - Agent Service.jpg shows that the proxy setting is disabled. Policy - Agent Settings.jpg shows all the settings that are available, it does not give the ability to change the global policy settings - the image you posted previously was for the ESMC/ERA not the ECA. (I will try and get the images of a client configuration using the same installer where I didn't remove the agent initially, I believe it shows different settings in the configuration.)
  13. Hi Martin, When I initially set the policies on ECA, I did an export of the policies from ESMC and then imported them into ECA. I created a live installer from ECA using the agent policy, but with no settings for proxy - I assumed the settings would come from the policy. Some time after moving all the clients onto ECA, I then moved the proxy server and updated the policies to reflect the new change. It was from here onwards where I was looking closer at the log files and noticing something was not quite right. So with this I did some testing last night, using "request configuration" from ECA to monitor settings: I created a new agent policy from scratch and applied to my clients, un-assigning the previous policy. This didn't correct the connection host. I created a new live installer for the agent using the new policy and entered the proxy settings. I then uninstall the agent from a client and re-deployed the agent this cleared the issue. I then re-deployed this agent to a client with a previous install thus overwriting, corrected most but still have the eset services proxy set to the old ESMC. The configuration between the two clients differed in advanced settings - Proxy Type, Global Proxy, Replication, Eset Services. I tried multiple changes and this is where I got lost/tired. There are some possible scenarios: 1. The policy imported into ECA had settings specifically for ESMC that were not required by ECA. This then propagated to each client when I updated the agents on the clients. 2. When deploying the agent, the agent install did not clear out setting of the previous install on clients and left bogus setting which was then used. 3. There is an issue with the live agent generation for ECA, which is not tailoring the setting for ECA usage. Can you please investigate this, as I believe I may have discovered a bug/issue that needs correcting.
  14. I've found the tool - see configuration log {"internal":{"ProductVersion":{"ce_val":"7.0.0"},"ConfengVersion":{"ce_val":"1663.15.0"},"NextIndex":{"ce_val":"1006"},"NextAutoInc":{"ce_val":"1"}},"agent":{"automation":{"replication_task":{"connections":{"ce_ord":"a1005","ce_flg":"2","a1005":{"host":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"0"},"port":{"ce_val":"2222","ce_flg":"0"}}}},"replication_trigger":{"ce_flg":"2","cron_interval":{"ce_val":"R 3,13,23,33,43,53 * * * ? *","ce_flg":"2"},"delay":{"ce_val":"30","ce_flg":"2"}},"updates_defaults":{"server":{"ce_val":"AUTOSELECT","ce_flg":"2"}}},"network":{"http_proxy_configuration":{"proxy_configuration_eset_services":{"connection":{"host":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"2"},"ce_flg":"2","port":{"ce_val":"3128","ce_flg":"2"}},"enabled":{"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"2"},"ce_flg":"2","credentials":{"ce_flg":"2","name":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"2"},"password":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"2"}},"direct_connection_fallback":{"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"2"}},"proxy_configuration_global":{"connection":{"host":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"2"},"ce_flg":"2","port":{"ce_val":"3128","ce_flg":"2"}},"enabled":{"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"2"},"ce_flg":"2","credentials":{"ce_flg":"2","name":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"2"},"password":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"2"}},"direct_connection_fallback":{"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"2"}},"proxy_configuration_replication":{"connection":{"host":{"ce_val":"","ce_flg":"0"}},"enabled":{"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"0"}},"proxy_configuration_type":{"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"2"}},"network_configuration":{"certificate":""}},"repository":{"repository_configuration":{"ce_val":"http:\/\/us-repository.eset.com\/v1","ce_flg":"2"}},"diagnostics":{"send_crash_report_and_telemetry":{"ce_val":"0","ce_flg":"2"}}}} From what I can read of the log its showing (forgive me if I'm wrong): replication host - proxy configuration eset services - proxy configuration global - proxy configuration replication - the first two settings are incorrect, this is pointing to the original ESMC location which has been replaced by ECA.
  15. Hi, All clients are connecting to ECA, they are all showing in the console. The previous ESMC and previous proxy have been uninstalled, only the new proxy is on-premises. When I moved the clients over to ECA, I generated a live installer and just updated the agent, I didn't replace the EES install. I didn't specify proxy settings on the installer as I believed the settings would be updated by the policies. Can you guide me to where the diagnostic tool is?
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