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  1. Hi. I wonder whether Eset uses regional distribution of keys to activate ESET Smart Security 7? On Singaporean ESET've got giveaway key is not working in Europe for me...
  2. @Aryeh Goretsky Mr. Aryeh Goretsky with you was a pleasure to talk to because you are a great gentleman, and you are very patient and try to solve the problem for the benefit of my and your company . Do you have your career diplomats would go to the presidential . You 've realized that we are talking about two issues : 1 ESET local vendors in Croatia does not recognize outlook.com mail address to use student discounts, and because of that their attitude I do not want contact with them , 2nd I tried to buy ess directly from the company Eset , but nobody here is not given the optio
  3. Mr. Arakasi. In my state license for security testers is around 20,000 euros and must be renewed within a specified period. Quality programming requires long-term training. Quality maintenance of pc services also often have to attend training at major manufacturers of hardware to be familiar with new technologies. You claim that you are doing it, and I then I must congratulate you because since the days of the Amiga or Atari I have not met a person who would also be a quality developer - service - and a security expert .. . I'm sure you know, and legislation concerning copyright and regula
  4. Mr. Temp member I see that you understand the topic of this post, and for some speakers here have the feeling that they forgot that there was a development of 64-bit code, and why is he even introduced, and it also seems to me that some speakers do not have detailed knowledge of how to properly written in 64 bit code runs faster and better without any major seizure of resources ... My question was why ESET one of its main service to its product running in 32-bit code on 64-bit computers, and well say that it was in good faith and constructively question. If we look at modern security softwar
  5. Mr. Arakasi, wikipedia does not an official source of trusted information and you should know it because you claim to have years in the IT industry. Outlook.com domain was not created 2013 years, but during that year the old domain hotmail outlook migrated to these services and servers ... Do you know the meaning of professionalism? Of course this is not my acting career, as if it were a professional then it would mean that someone pays for this. I see that you show up here in a lot of issues and they attack those who dare to express criticism of ESET, so do not take up unnecessary resources
  6. Sorry, but it seems to me that you are very superficial read my previous statements . Outlook.com has long been in use for a wide range of applications with respect to the domain to Microsoft , I'm sure that nowhere in the world and email addresses are on the blacklists . Microsoft and Google are the email addresses of a good local dealer ESET products are not good ? I already wrote to you that I am because of the relationship of local vendors gave up buying and I do not want no more contact with them , and you're right to suggest that contact with them again and I do not want to. Even though
  7. I have noticed on this forum, that the same person, I assume that these are employees ESET, responding to questions whether the issues related to marketing, sales to technical malfunction. It looks ridiculous and unprofessional because it is impossible for one person had such a wide range of high-quality knowledge, so that we then the same person answers the questions about the 64 bit processes and the same person to me in another post responding to legal and commercial issues .. ..
  8. I wrote about it and the companies Google and Microsoft, and they are very surprised why a local company does not recognize their email addresses for the realization of benefits ...
  9. Outlook.com is a continuation of Microsoft's hotmail.com domain that has been in use for years, and everyone also professionals in the IT Industry of it should be known. Local vendor ESET product made me so angry that their approach does not want any more contact and them. They did not know or refused to answer any of my expert opinion and do not want to recognize my email address or type outlook.com gmail.com I could get discounts that they offer to students. If a large and established multinational companies recognize and seek and email addresses to their devices worth several h
  10. ESET Smart Security seems like a great program. I tried it for a few days, and I had a couple of technical questions that we local representative ESET product did not know or refused to answer. It also insisted that the use of the internet mail provider that would achieve some benefits, and I am using windows and then use outlook.com mail because it is mated with Windows 8 ... Unfortunately not here now, I have not received an official response of your employees how to solve this situation, so now I refrain from buying your product, and go in search of some other manufacturer of security solut
  11. Thank you for your request. Just because the process is responsible for most of the functions of your product, I am more concerned why it is 32 bit and runs on a 64 bit windows 8t . You read the description from Microsoft in which they recommended especially for low level applications like antivirus that should be run as a 64 bit process would have its full function ....
  12. Right. Thank you for your response. I'd like you to tell me exactly what this process ekrn.exe working and what is responsible ....
  13. @arakasi I know the difference in the functioning of 32 and 64 bit versions of the operating system kernel. Microsoft says: Microsoft had to build a special section in the 64bit registry for 32bit applications to function called the wow6432node (it is an exact mirror of a 32bit registry inside the 64bit registry) a true 32bit application cannot see anything outside of that area of the registry. so to make a long explanation short if you are running a 32bit antivirus it will load and appear to function 100% however there is a whole higher hierarchy to the registry that this application will
  14. So you see my screenshot and say that it is so fine and that ESET Smart security7 64 bit quality and neat work on Windows 8.1 64 bit?
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