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  1. The same situtation. Full product (no evaluation) and nag screen. I have 8 and I WILL NO upgrade. EVER. Sooner I will change antyvirus, if You dont change attitude. It is very simple. More - I was thinking about intergrate ESET in our company (I am admin), but right now You developers can only dream about it. So f..k off ESET.
  2. In safemode disable ESET service and reboot. IMHO v 7.x is screwed.
  3. Man, try this 6.x... Why You complicate so simple things?
  4. Exprot config, uninstall 7.x, install 6.x, import config, give feedback.
  5. Try 6. I tested 7 long time and this soft is - still - problematic. Unfortunately.
  6. I am not from ESET team, but try enable pre-relase updates. They change many modules.
  7. OK, I find new (and critical) issue with 7.x, downgrade to 6.x and everything is OK. Soo... I change my opinon about newest ESET: 6.x >> 7.x.
  8. I return to 6.x - no time to find issue. 6.x no problem (configuration imported form 7.x).
  9. Problem: after chaneg net card (from nVidia do Realtek), now I sometimes have "The ESET Service service hung on starting." During this "hang" my net connection is blocked, apps cannot load. This is real problem. Windows XP (polish) SP3 all upates. Typ zdarzenia: Błąd Źródło zdarzenia: Service Control Manager Kategoria zdarzenia: Brak Identyfikator zdarzenia: 7022 Data: 2013-12-23 Godzina: 10:06:40 Użytkownik: Brak Komputer: SYSTEMXP Opis: Usługa ESET Service zawiesiła się podczas uruchamiania. Aby znaleźć więcej informacji, zobacz hxxp://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp w Cen
  10. OK, I tested and imho is better. Only one time blank page. IMHO it works. But other problem: after chaneg net card (from nVidia do Realtek), now I sometimes have "The ESET Service service hung on starting."
  11. v7 has in pre-release channel special fixes for XP as I remember. I used long time 4.x, now 7.x and is OK.
  12. OK, unsderstand. Thank You. You have good support.
  13. IMHO is better. Most issues fixed 1092 on my system, 1094 is stable for now. When it will be non-beta? To use only 1094 I must enable beta channel with all beta updates .
  14. According to the user who tested Internet protection module 1094, the problem with AdMuncher hadn't occurred before installing v7. Anyways, we'll be glad if the new module solves the issue for you, too. I dont know if really fix, I test it. Problem was since 4.x + Ad Muncher, I had it for years but maybe it was something different but symptoms where the same.
  15. This is v. good information. At last after 5-6 years!
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