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  1. Thanks @MartinK , trying that today. Thanks @Marcos , good info!
  2. Also we are on Remote Admin Console , should we see any appreciable benefit to going to 6.5.522.0?
  3. Do we need to push the 6.5 update first?
  4. Currently we tested 6.6.2072.4 on a few machines and the install went ok, had to manually reboot despite checking reboot when required. We are trying now to push out to the clients synced from our AD and seeing quite a few failures, about 1.3 so far. Any suggestions on whether we need install parameters or not?
  5. Yeah we spent weeks fixing that... I will run a test with the .4 rev you suggested, thanks Marcos!
  6. After the 6.6 debacle with Endpoint Antivirus, what is the recommended client version folks are updating to?
  7. Up until no only safe mode repair to the previous good version has been completely successful for us. What a time waster.
  8. 6.6.2072 is a no-go for our still affected machines. Does ESET have any plans to issue an update that can actually fix the issue, or are the rest of us SOL and left with safe mode uninstalls with the uninstall tool as our only hope here?
  9. Rebooting my machine got the system tray icon back and no module errors, We have the client password protected so users cannot modify anything, normally when uninstalling, we enter this password and uninstall works. Sadly on my system it fails, so i may need to try the Safe Mode uninstaller as the client will not open or populate the system tray. Rebooting the other system and trying another push, and even an uninstall thru ERA still fails on each attempt.
  10. I deactivated one of the affected machines in ELA, rebooted the machine and tried to push the new client via ERA, it fails. I downloaded the updated client to my machine, which is one of the borked 6.6.2068 machines and ran it as admin, it gets most of the way through and throws the error "Service "ESET Service" (ekrn) could not be deleted. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to remove system services."
  11. Thats what started the confusion, lol! Thanks Marcos can you please clarify regarding my concerns above?
  12. So internally now we are IP, after the move we will be, when I look at the Policies on ERA I have the ESET Remote Administrator Agent>Our Company Default Agent Policy, and I also have one in ESET Endpoint for Windows.Antivirus policy. In the first, I can edit a server list that is currently empty. Do I add the new IP here, and should I also add the current IP as well? (not sure why its blank). In the second, not sure where if at all I should be looking to edit to add the new IP. Or am I looking in the wrong place? Also, I see a My Profile listed in the settings but nowhere can I find where to audit this profile.
  13. Thanks rekun, looking into this. We have the new IP I think I can add to the Agent Server list in the main Agent Policy, yes? Apologies I dont spend alot of time in there.
  14. We are going to use Veeam to "vmotion" our ERA server that is currently a virtual machine to a cloud provider off premises. I've only see KB articles discussing migrating with multiple servers and updating certs across them. I think the only real change will be to just the IP address for the server in the new location. Will the Endpoint Antivirus clients on premises see the server after the IP change? If not what is the solution without having to add more ERA servers?
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