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  1. Thank you J.J. that worked for 1 Server hopefully it will last for a while! On the second server it doesn't work with these instructions got "Error downloading update.." had to purge the deb packet. After reinstallation the update works but on the first server i had newer files: +-+--------------------+------------------------+------------------------+ | | Module | Available version | Installed version | +-+--------------------+------------------------+------------------------+ | | loader | 1072 (20180813) | 1072 (20180813)
  2. Again, after sucessfull updates i see on my 2 Servers (Ubuntu Server 16.04) again errors in the syslog file that the update was not sucessfull. With manually started updates from the shell ./esets_update --verbose i get on both that 3 files are corrupted, after i got the updates fixed in the night after several times of manually start the update from the shell (./esets_update) - on both servers! As both servers are located in different data centers i believe your update files or servers are the reason, there is no proxy or something between my servers and the update servers. Over time it'
  3. Hi! when i try to update the av database i get the message: root@system:/opt/eset/esets/sbin# ./esets_update --verbose File corrupted.e 7 of 7 In the web interface the message is: 2018-01-10 12:41:27 UTC (with status 18) file corrupted How can i clear the cache? Tried to delete the .nup files but without success!
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