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  1. Hi, ESET for Linux is a really great product. Nevertheless, I don't want to drop the use of apparmor, in particualar not with firefox. I know from some discussions in the forums, that it's difficult the get both products working. I found the following solution.In the apparmor profile for firefox add the following lines: /opt/eset/esets/lib/libesets_pac.so mr, /etc/opt/eset/esets/info/pkgid r, With this change, ESET blocked malicious downloads and apparmor blocked e.g. any execution of word files. Will this solution pose any issues to the overall functioning of ESET? Many thanks in advance for your answer. Klaus Jochem
  2. Hi, I noticed that pattern updates are downloaded through an http connection. If the update is done across a open network, e.g in a hotel or the airport, this gives an attacker the opportunity to spoof the update service, which may result in a compromised pattern database. Are there update servers available which support pattern downloads with https? Many thanks in advance, Klaus Jochem
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