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  1. The new patch has thankfully fixed the majority of our broken endpoints. Unfortunately, I've got a decent chunk of 6.2068 installs I can't get rid of on remote machines (would take weeks to do each machine individually with the safe-mode uninstaller). The problem is a registry key that refuses to be removed. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ekrn.exe Anyone have a way around this?
  2. Some info on a current broken machine : web seat ID: 2174d941-554e-4aa0-a6f3-a325b74f4f09 public lic: 3AB-9X7-57A upgraded from older 6.6 to 6.6.2068 on Dec 21st registry keys for username/password don't exist at all , license file does exist in the programdata folder 'your license file does not contain a username/password' error on the machine, 'ESET livegrid is not accessable' error in ERA web console.
  3. I haven't used any offline license files yet. The affected machines are on a license with public ID of 3AB-6JS-RPN. With the upgrade to ESET 6, our licensing apparently needed to be modified in some fashion, so as of today I've been moving everything to the new licenses. Maybe something is up with the old license?. The majority of the 6.6.2068 machines are stuck on the old license (3AB-6JS-RPN) , however the few unaffected 6.2068 machines took the new license and are working without any issues.
  4. Same issue here for the majority of machines I've upgraded to 6.6.2068. So far I haven't found a way to roll these machines back to the previous version without doing the removal tool in safe mode (uninstallation fails normally), which doesn't help with a couple hundred machines. Activation tasks fail on all affected machines. I can remove a license from these machines from the web console, however they still display as currently having an active license in the web console.