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  1. I went to my uncle to give him a hand installing the brake kit, American racing rims and the wiring of the led light bars for his truck, He also showed me his laptop as he tried Eset trial. Guess this CCleaner can also help remove some more issues that slows down the laptop.
  2. This is still the best solution to refresh the network connection settings.
  3. There's a search bar at the top right for this forum. Try that one with specific words you want to search.
  4. What happens when you set off the phone pin/pattern?
  5. This new Google policy really affected the functionality of the security levels. I would like to know any possible solution as well.
  6. Too bad about Google policy but somehow reasonable for the general use.
  7. This happened to my phone yesterday. The notification showed and the loads pretty slow. Leave it to finish the installation of new tires and forged wheels on my Jeep. When I checked back a few hours it is still loading. What actions have you done so far? I might try to uninstall and reinstall the Eset Mobile Security tomorrow.
  8. Same problem here when we installed the Win 10 Fall creators. Any luck so far?
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