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  1. Seems to have stopped after a reboot 👍 I've found a 7zip archive of the A3DA folder that EIS warned about some time ago, but I otherwise deleted, if you want it for analysis (attached). I further zipped it to upload, but can't rezip the original files due to EIS quarantining with any interaction. Thanks A3DA.tmp.possibleVirus.7z.zip
  2. EIS is quarantining them when I try to zip. Do I pause protection?
  3. Thanks, Attached. Had to remove the .pcapng files again due to size limit. eis_logs.zip
  4. I have hundreds of popups saying a threat (Trojan downloader) was found in a file that powershell tried to access. The "file" link in the popup only contains the text "script" so that isn't of any use. I have run a scan with no detections. Log record: Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 01-Feb-23 9:53:16 PM;AMSI scanner;file;script;PowerShell/TrojanDownloader.Agent.GHN trojan;blocked;<ComputerName>\<UserName>;;4701E8D5946643D4AFE68AE5786FE84335C95BA9; I ran diagnostics for a few minutes and stopped it shortly after the detection. Logs attached. I had to delete the 5 .pcapng files as these were ~100MB each and pushed the zip over the upload limit. Can attached individually if need be. Thanks Diagnostics.zip
  5. Is there any update on this? Still an issue. Eset spikes to ~30% cpu and locks my computer up on startup and when using chrome (when opening new tabs but not 100% reproducible). I'm using ESS I haven't used gamer mode in years as it causes issues. Not sure why the onus is on the user to locate what looks to be a common enough bug. I'd rather not leave these disabled when it is difficult to reproduce/test the problem. As eset is a premium product, the onus should be on the dev team to locate and fix this issue. My license is coming up soon for renewal and at this rate I'm considering switching after many years. Thanks
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