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  1. Hi Marcos, already tried this. it is unable to recover. you can see the attached giving error.
  2. Hi, i have been using NOD32 antivirus with updated virus signature but still our systems were affected. all the files are showing .wallet extensions. I have tried eset's decryptor but it doesn't help as it is showing below error in logs. [2017.12.24 14:56:11.953] - INFO: Cleaning file [E:\EAP\Guest_home_page.jpg.[6etc0in@cock.li]-id-2ABC.wallet] [2017.12.24 14:56:11.953] - INFO: Can't get header for file. [2017.12.24 14:56:11.953] - INFO: Can't get info from file. [2017.12.24 14:56:11.953] - ERROR: Not cleaned. Can anyone help me on this. Guest_home_page.jpg.[6etc0in@cock.li]-id-2ABC.rar
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