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  1. Hi, I struggle with this and need some help. Basically I created a certificate from trusted authority (comodo) which in theory meet all requirements, added to the MDM server successfully. However, when I tried to enroll the phone, I’m getting an error message: When I look ad MDM logs (trace.log), they show me the error: “HttpsCertCheck: Extended key usage must contain TLS Server Auth” But certificate properties show the Extended key usage does contain TLS Server Auth. I've tried to find procedure how to create a request to public authority and only one which I was able to get is: https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/custom_certificates.html Which not necessarily is correct for MDM. Could you help me with this please?
  2. Was this issue ever resolved? I have the same problem and unfortunately working with support didn't' help. Perhaps somebody else had more luck?
  3. I have problem with creating dynamic group which recognise if Mac storage is encrypted or not. I found old topic under: https://forum.eset.com/topic/13138-era-dynamic-group-template-with-encrypted-storage-devices-not-detecting-osx-devices/ Which is exact my issue and it was reported to ESET but seems to not working on latest version. Any idea when possibly this will be fixed?
  4. Thank you Michal, Merry Christmas
  5. Thank you Michal, Sorry for asking and I know you don't have exact information but I'm working on project and this knowledge is very important. Could you tell me if this will be in 2018 or perhaps 2019? Maybe which part of the year.
  6. Marcos, Thank you for your reply. Could you tell me when do you plan to release ERA 7?
  7. Hi, I just wander when new ERA with integrated Deslock encryption will be released? Is beta available for downloading? Thank you
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