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  1. Description: Firewall protection functionality for ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows servers Detail: With the various attack vectors growing along with many application specific restrictions required it would be greatly appreciated if we had the same firewall protections built into "ESET Endpoint Security" client in the server platform aka "ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server" client. This has always been a winning edge for ESET solution in the enterprise amongst the competition and is a shame that this functionality is NOT within the server product today. Use Case: Recently we were looking to enable a server as a jump box for a given specific application but only to connect to specific servers. Currently can only be completed on a Windows 10 machine since the functionality for firewall capabilities does NOT exist within ESET built-in application and we DO NOT use Microsoft Windows firewall as we have centralized on ESET for firewall management. ESET Endpoint Security (Firewall protection) noted below: (as of v8.1.2031.0) ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Servers (NO Firewall protection) noted below: (as of v8.0.12003.0)
  2. Peter if you would be so kind to please provide access to ESET File Security for Linux 7 Beta as I would like to test as well.
  3. Hi Peter: please include me in this evaluation as well - definitely interested.
  4. Peter - Thank you for your kind update. If you still have room; I would be more than happy to participate in the testing. I've been waiting for this release for a while. Looking forward to partnering and assisting in anyway I can.
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