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  1. last two update server that are not accessible via browsers are not blacked yet , you must add their update address to AV to see that they work : *** Edited
  2. Their update servers are work fine and not blocked from updating yet !!! just their domain is blocked via browsers . it is about 21 days that we report these compnaies to ESET , 21 days is not enough ??? Why ESET is so slow in such these cases while illegal companies are increase daily . ESET must black list illigal update servers very quickly so they can not continue their activities.
  3. after 13 days their domain are blocked but their update servers is not black listed and their update server is working find and not blocked yet ...
  4. some of them is blocked via browsers but They not blocked for updating . it is about 10 days that their update servers are working fine and we have not revive any answered from ESET lab.
  5. I send this email 4 days ago and also yester day as follow but no reaction from ESET. such these fake servers must be blacklist very fast so they can not sell their fake license. I hope that in V8 ESET do not let users to crack AV and set their own update servers. We find these illegal update servers in ME region that their admin generate a FAKE user/pass and sell that to users for 10$/year . So ESET must blacklist their update servers so users could not update from this illegal update server. Also ESET must block their selling website that we listed below. While these fake resellers are active many users may become their victims : Edited ***** We think that ESET must block their update servers and also block their Domain that use for Fake activate and Fake Selling.
  6. dear rugk , these files is not threats and just cracked one that work just with that company's username and password. so users can not use these files as a cracked version. but i mark them as unclickable.
  7. Hi dear virus researchers. We send this email to samples@eset.com 6 days ago but ESET just block their domain and their cracked version are update regularly in ME region. we send a follow email but we did not recived any thing from ESET.
  8. Thank you Podrska2NORT, We find that some of our systems is infected with Necurs. But we can not clean it from safe mode . Permision for necurs file is denied us to remove the rootkit from even safe mode. i think the only way is bootable disk. is there any way to remove necurs without bootable disk via safe mod ? we have over 20 infected system and it is very hard to clean them via bootable while many of them have not CD-Drive. So how can we clean this rootkit from safe mode ? we use manual deletion but we recive permision error in syshost.exe file and a driver in sys32\drivers that is related to this virus and also we want to know if we remove this virus files , roll back problem will be solved ?
  9. No confirmation email is recived !!! . OK i will reinstall the windows . i think it is better and easiest way . if problem repeat in other client i will ckeck the matter again. thank u all.
  10. I have sent these info to ESET customer care yesterday via ticket but right now we do not recive any answer after 24H. I will share sysinspector log and prosses monitor and fresh log and also prosssess monitor . is online scanner usefull for this kind of problems to clean the infections ?
  11. Hi dear ESET professionals. We are installing ESET endpoint Antivirus in one of our client by Push installation but we recive an error. So we use direct installation with MSI on client and we see that installation rollbacked !!! Windows is XP and EEA installer version is 5.0.2228.1 We useed uninstall tools in safe mode and we have "No supported Av found". We create installation logs (As ESET and it is attached). installLog.zip
  12. Thank you Macros . I will research again about this network and it's problems. thank you.
  13. Hi dear ESET Moderators. Our network is infected with a virus that we send it to samples@eset.com but after 48 Hours we had no answers and virus is undetected. Sorry for Attaching samples here but we have not any other way. over 200 Pcs of our company are infected !!! VT report of this sample : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/068c906a6c5777806519fe20ea5902d971008427dd56c11ec9a47905433aef49/analysis/1402255492/ Pass : infected Why ESET do not reply mail that we send to samples@eset.com ?
  14. unfortunately . That solution did not work. the exaxt error is : " Restoring file from quarantine failed" Even we test it with Restore , Restore to and restore and exclude . The error was the same even while AV is disabled. The size of file is 4.6 GB and we have 4.0 Gb ram and over 70 Gb free space. We see this error in file that are big size. is there any solution to restore them dirctly from storage that is quarantine ?
  15. Hi . In one of our systems we have many virtual CD image files that contain some unwanted applications. After scan and clean our image is deleted because of the files that they contain. now when we want to restore them from quarantine we recive error while restoring and can not restore the image files. what can we do for these problems ? we have smart security and We have more than 70 Gb free space and our image file are abot 4.2 - 4.6 Gb. Thank you.
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