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  1. Hello there, you can try the restore command with a restore option as the following: SQLCMD -S servername\ERASQL -d ERA_DB -E -Q "USE master RESTORE DATABASE ERA_DB FROM DISK ='c:\backup\file.bak' with replace" assuming that the backup file is locating in c:\backup\file.bak it can be done without the USE master option as well.
  2. Hello Shafiq, If you mean notifying the recipient, then it is possible as far as I know.. You can create a quarantine report task, which will inform the users that they have quarantined emails.. it's also possible to activate a quarantine web console, which allow the end users to view a list of currently quarantined items, they can only release spam emails, other emails which has been blocked per rule will need an admin to be released check the link here: https://help.eset.com/emsx/7.0/en-US/idh_scheduler_task_qreports.html hope it helps.
  3. You need to pause protocol filtering as well under advanced settings, and at last HIPS. Hips deactivation requires a restart as far as I know.
  4. in the mentioned article, there's a some scenarios explained, were you can boot into an ubuntu image and then download a decryptor tool from deslock website , in which us can use to decrypt your data.
  5. Hello there, Does this means that it is not on HDD Primary boot option? if yes, then you should boot it as the only primary hard disk, otherwise you won't be able to decrypt the data. https://support.eset.com/kb7155/
  6. Hello, as far as I know...for the msi parameters, you need to remove the / before CFG in order to make it work..
  7. Hey there, I've had this problem before I'm guessing that you have the apache http proxy installed on the esmc server as well. in such cases, the agent will have automatically the agent policy which provide the apache ip address under http proxy section "mostly the same ip address of the ESMC server" . if you have a week internet speed, the apache will fail to download the msi packet and will report the mentioned error. to solve this you need to increase the apache timeout setting: * under C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\conf. you will find httpd.conf * when editing the file. search for Proxytimeout 900 and change it to ProxyTimeOut 1200 * add an extra line Timeout 120 * save the changes and restart the apache service. it should work
  8. Hello, from my understanding, you have encrypted the SSD with TPM, is this true? in this case, you need to create a recovery boot cd/usb from the Enterprise server console, then before booting from the image, you should edit the bootable media and change a certain file "dlrecvr". Steps to solve: 1 .create bootable media: https://support.deslock.com/Kb210 2. follow the guide in this Knowledge base article: https://support.deslock.com/kb448 Cheers!
  9. I believe that it's possible through a windows failover cluster, you are counting on windows though in such cases and not on an Eset feature https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/installation_cluster_windows.html
  10. I think you mean Virtual disks, if yes, you can delete it using Virtual disk manager in the context menu, please see description under : https://help.eset.com/eee_client/5/en-US/using_encrypted_virtual_disks.html
  11. after selecting the certification authority, and sign it, you have an option to provide Certification Authority Passphrase .
  12. incase you are using ESMC as a virtual appliance, you should provide the root password in the certification authority section. same knowledge base article, section number 5 https://support.eset.com/kb3686
  13. Here you go Advanced Settings/ Update/ Profiles/ Basic Cheers!
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