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  1. Hi, I encountered the same error (ESET Daemon Cannot initialize scanner: Module init) again tonight (22 Dec 17). My last successful update was on 17 Dec 17 (Sunday). I had to uninstall and reinstall the software several times. After repeated update attempts (both manual and scheduled automatic), my ESET virus database is still stuck at 13825 (20160719) which is even older than the default baseline that comes with version 4.0.85 (15366 (20170505)). Please refer to original screenshot. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I encountered the following errors since 3 December 2017 with ESET Nod32 (version 4.0.85) on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (4.10.0-40-generic #44~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP). Laptop model HP Pavilion 14-bf057tx ESET Daemon Cannot initialize scanner: Module init (Note: NESET Daemon will not load after reboot and I need to reinstall NOD32) ESET Daemon Error updating Antivirus modules: File corrupted. ESET Daemon Error updating Antivirus modules: Unidentified server response. ESET Daemon Cannot read from socket: Connection reset by peer. ESET Daemon Error updating Antivirus modules: File not found on server. After repeated reinstallation attempts, NOD32 is still showing incorrect database version (see attached screenshot). I noticed that NOD32 is trying to download a large file (31 – 80 MB) during each update attempt. I last successfully updated NOD32 on 29 November 2017. After 2 successful update attempts on 5 December 2017, I suddenly encountered the “ESET Daemon Cannot initialize scanner: Module init” error. After rebooting, ESET Daemon was unable to startup. Subsequently, I was unable to update the database despite multiple reinstallation attempts. I tried the following: Installed libc:i386 and uninstalled libc-i386 Uninstalled NOD32 using the default uninstaller (esets_gil) Reinstalled NOD32 using the installer downloaded from ESET website (eset_nod32av_64bit_en.linux) Manually removed the em*.dat files from /var/opt/eset/esets/lib before updating the database. Manually moved the em*.dat files from /var/opt/eset/esets/lib to another folder before updating the database. Previously, I encountered read-only file system error with /var/opt/eset/esets/lib. I used a Live USB to boot the system, unlocked and mounted the encrypted volume, switch to chroot and remove the em*.dat files from /var/opt/eset/esets/lib and restart. Appreciate your advice. Thanks.
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