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  1. cool well its clear no one knows what it clans change fix but am sure its all good even thought no one can say what it does. so cool cool. Next time your adding things maybe ad coumentation forst? or if you dont know what it dos just tell us with next build of WSWT makes a lot of sense and only been asking days now and other people longer and the question has still not been answered.. At lest you are trying to anser it but if you dont know then tiy cant say and the vauge child like desptions and help files where obviously done by someone else who dose not know.. Dos the person /madepersons who developed this know?
  2. Having made a support ticket over 16 hours ago I decided to try post here for a reply and and 12 hours later and not even been made live by an admin.....and all I am looing for is some kind of documentatuuon or help files for the new cleaner component that was our mobth ago and not one person knows and WSWT wont reply. Why would any AV company add a conponent to their product and not give any help docs or any kond of expalntin on what it does to your system? and month later still nothing. This is not what I am paying for an am wanting the documention in full by end of the day or a full refund and still not one ESET employeee even to maek my posts live
  3. Made a ticket 6 hours ago then a forum post 3 hours ago and its not even been accepted by an admin yet. For the money I am paying I expect better but not a lot can do exept tell them you will switch AV and even then they dont take notice. The issue I haev is one many have posted about and not one guy at ESET knows the answer..... At my end with ESET.
  4. Is this supposed to be a joke? some info? that link does not give much more info than we already know so why is it even being posted and linked like its an explanation? your a moderator can you not like find out? am i really asking too much here? a explanation in txt that should already be posted so we know whats what, we pay money to use this so get it sorted. Its only been out a month with no explanation and this thread is almost a month old and not one guy from ESET is even posting to say. What is this guys?
  5. How about next time you ad a feature you first put a help file that helps no one with it? I mean who just random adds components/cleanders and says nothng about what it actually cleans/changes? why just why lol I mean sure it may not change anything important but is chance with all the settings and apps on new pcs I just cant get my hea around the fact that a company as big as ESET would do this and not say what it changes or have it log what change as every time you make change to pc you should know at it change in case it affects other service. It cleans system restore? what does it clean as I never seen it take away or add restore points or change system restore in any way. Seriously ESET do not do this again without adequte help files or at least post on the site or forum what it does so we know, is it too much to ask after paying for ESET to ask for txt to be added or just reply to this post saying what it does lol, even the moderator for ESET does not know. Seriously I will switch to another AV because of this as no explanation and people asking and the mods dont even know so whats the point of supporting ESET who add things and no support not even an expiation? Its not just this its a few of the settings and things also that the help and documentation for is vague and just lacking in any kind of explanation and then people post on a forum thats by ESET and not one guy has a full explanation. Just add cleaner add reg fix next add this add that but dont add the help files and support to go with it. I know why dont we all post guessing and asking while ESET sit back and do nothing when its just txt that needs written or copy pasted from some old notes. Not what I expect from ESET and not what I am paying for so either get this explained soon or I am moving AV.
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