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  1. ESET SysRescue Media Creator Windows fails >8 GB drives Failed on 16 GB drive, worked on 8 GB drive. Now gonna try making media on 16 GB from the booted media.
  2. PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS COMMENT. I gave the steps/algorithm required to make it accurate. please read thoroughly.
  3. ALGORITHM for accurate progress bar: 1) Analyze the total size of files to scan, say 128 MB 2) Start the scan(In-depth or smart) 3) Suppose: - IN-DEPTH scan gets 4 MB files scanned per second - Smart scan gets 32 MB files scannned per second. (since it's less thorough than in-depth) (i) include time needed for archive scans in it. say it can scan 4 MB of an archive in in-depth & 16 MB in smart scan modes. 4) So, total time required: -IN-DEPTH scan=128/4 sec= 32 sec -Smart scan=128/32 sec= 4 sec 5) Say the scan has been running for 2 sec now(time elapsed= 2sec). -- So, time left: In-depth= 32-2= 30 sec Smart=4-2=2 sec 6) So, progress bar SHOULD SHOW: -- IN-DEPTH: 2/32*100= 6.25 % scan completed 30 sec left untill completion -- SMART: 2/4*100=50% scan completed 2 sec untill completion SO, HOPE I GAVE AN ACCURATE ALGORITHM TO DISPLAY SCAN PROGRESS WITHOUT ANY HICCUP. this won't get stuck on 99 % It's real simple, I've just written it so gigantically to explain clearly. U realize this algorithm is nothing harder than speed-distance-time problems that we used to solve in junor-high So, if u follow this algorithm, scan progress bar will be very accurate. And hence provide users with a prediction when the scan will be complete & hence OFFER PEACE OF MIND TO UR CUSTOMERS. ***Tell me if u guys will add this feature...
  4. **relate scan completion to ur girlfriend coming over. How would u feel if u call ur girlfriend to come to ur home, and she just keeps on telling that he's/she's en-route, and she doesn't share where she is, and u have no idea how much more time she'll take. turns out that she came home when u were abt to go to office.
  5. Yah, as it's not available for download at BETA DOWNLOADS or the normal Internet Security download webpage, it seems that the update is being rolled out via update patches only.
  6. not showing scan progress bar, instead showing animated dots all the time(from 2016 onwards, version update). We need scan progress bar & estimated time of completion. Scanning algorithms are very light, and also READ speed from drives is less. So scan is slower & less thorough. Applies to all ESET products. Plz elevate these issues ASAP.
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