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  1. Thanks for the info. I will investigate the options.
  2. Hi Itman, the present method of communicating with my nas drive remotely is by a Seagate Tappin program. However the program is being discontinued next April so I need to come up with a new method. I need to access my drive over the internet from any computer, tablet or phone. Do you know of a secure method?
  3. Yesterday I noticed that a file names photo.scr had appeared in every folder of my seagate central Nas drive. They were dated from 18th Nov onwards. I checked everything I had downloaded and emails from the 17th and 18th but found no suspects. My computer, tablets and phones were clean. I then suspected that I was being attacked from the internet. A few weeks ago I was experimenting with how to access my Nas remotely. In doing so I had changed my router settings on my sky hub to make my Nas a demilitarised server which allowed me direct access via FTP. As soon I removed these settings, photo.scr stopped being propagated and I could delete the 18000 files relatively quickly via Treesize file search.
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