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  1. Do we get further assistance for our issue and/or should we open a ticket somewhere?
  2. No, that doesn't solve the problem, not even disabling automatic startup of real-time protection.
  3. I guess it's not a TS or XenDesktop specific problem since it doesn't work on the clients with EP Security either. I made those Settings for real time fs protection and path exclusion on my client anyway without success. To me it seams to be a ShareFile Driver Mapper specific issue. Do you have further help?
  4. Hi, we've installed Endpoint Security 6.6.2052.2 on our clients and File Security 6.5.12010.0 on our terminal servers. On both systems we've problems using Citrix ShareFile Driver Mapper We're able to connect and browse in the first two levels but when going deeper or trying to open files it lags and the file explorer or the program, like ms office, crashes. It's not possible to create files and folders. On a device without EP Security in our network it works fine. Do we need to do any exclusions?