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  1. another issue. My Acer e5-574g will not even recognize the usb with sysrecue on it. All this so called secure boot stuff is driving me nuts. They have tightened down the whole thing so much, in favor of Windows, that I am unable to use the ESET sysrescue on it. I do NOT trust windows enough to believe ANY virus checker running IN it. Is there some magic that I can use to run sysrecue on this laptop? PS: I believe the usb stick has to be GPT for UEFI AND fat32 or the boot menu will not even recognize the USB Stick. I am not sure of that, but I believe those are two of its needed parameters. Why they would do something like that, I do not know, it doesn't seem very safe in my opinion, or useful to limit it to fat32. Smells like Redmond limiting the usability of any liveusb distro to me.
  2. it has only been 13 hours. I don't expect an answer until monday (they originated in slovakia), or should I say my sunday night. having said that I am also waiting anxiously )))
  3. Thanks for the quick followup. I finally resolved the issue. The issue seems to be that the media creator can't access the internet to download the ISO. While I read the instructions, it doesn't seem to inform, at least not obviously, the user that you really should download the ISO yourself. If the media creation tool can access the internet to download, by design, then the failure is in that situation. My router should not have had a problem letting the iso go through. I used DD and the media rescue tool to create the LiveUSB, I had trouble with the DD, but I have had trouble with using hybrid ISO's to make a usb stick with the image before, it seems to recognize it as a hybrid, so I think you are right, it is a hybrid. WITH the ISO on hand, (please update the instructions if the ISO is supposed to be downloaded before or fix the media creation tool to download it itself if it is supposed to be able to do that), the media creation tool created a good LiveUSB stick. I will try DD again later tonight to make sure that DD can or can't do this. I do have a followup question. One of the computers I have to check is on a wireless connection. It is a desktop and I am using an ASUS wifi pcie card for this. How can I update the image to include the drivers for this card? or is there a way to have a generic wifi driver on the ISO so it can work with most of these wifi setups? Failing that, can I update the scanner with an offline updated virus signiture file? I realize that ESET sysrescue is more effective if it can connect to the internet, but I am unable to provide an ethernet connection, I can only give it a WiFi connection with this particular computer. Thanks again for the quick answer. To answer the question of another user, hybrid images can be burned in *nix OS's to a thumb drive without having to go through the extra steps to make it a bootable stick. It can be written using DD but in Windows you just have to either use some third party usb stick creation tool, exactly like you would with a regular ISO or the provided media creation tool. For windows there is no difference between the too, at least I don't think there is at this time. That might change if/when Microsoft desides to do such a change. In windows, with my resent experience, just use the media creation tool with the ISO already downloaded on your computer. That seems to be the easiest way.
  4. the newest version. Still fails. I also tried making this withing linux. No matter what I try, it either fails or if it does make a usb, it doesn't make it bootable. I had this issue with windows from withing linux, but at least withing windows I could create a good USB. with ESET, it will not recognize it as bootable. Is this image supposed to be a hybrid ISO or a standard ISO? Do I have to use a complicated procedure to make a usable live usb or will DD in linux work? What about Rufus in Windows? There is something wrong with your media creator, it does not correctly create the bootable USB. PS: and your error given is useless. It obviously failed to create. But give us some REASON why it failed, could it not even start formatting the usb? Is it a partition issue? Is windows blocking the action? WHAT???