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  1. I haven't yet bought my own ESET protection, partly because as soon as I was ready, I found myself broke. I make $12.50 per hour and that isn't a living wage. And I'm lucky compared to many. As I said, 'partly'. The other reason is that I never got an answer to the question whether the ESET stand alone av prog takes 'preventive' measures, the way (I'm sure) the suite does. If I don't need the suite, I only want the av. I visited my mother in Oshawa yesterday and discovered a wee problem on her desktop. (She's using windows xp, home) She has picked up 22Find and try as a might, I can't get it off her pc. I started to look into solutions online, but ran out of time. I had to get back to Toronto. Who knows whether 22Find is the cause of some of her problems? (She can't access Kijiji) From what I've read about this browser hi jacker, it borrows deeper over time and, as it invites partners to tag along, narrows the user's own choices. I'm not tech savvy, but compared to my mother, I'm Edward Snowden. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. It's the 'preventive' feature I'm looking for. ESS may have a firewall, but I don't want to do something that kills my functionality. As far as I can tell, my windows OS (windows 7 home professional), has a firewall. Do I trust it to be great? Perhaps not. But I don't know whether I need a great firewall. I'm trying to keep it simple. If the bare bones AV doesn't include the 'preventive' measures, then those factors are moot. I'll go with the more robust suite if it indeed 'prevents' trouble.
  3. Okay. I've read the blurbs for ESET Smart Security and the simpler ESET AV. I'm not sure I need more than the ESET AV. Gamer stuff and parental control stuff isn't anything I require. I would only consider the more robust program if that's the one that prevents problems (the way Spyware Blaster does or doesn't). Do I need ESET Smart Security in order to get the preventive features? Thanks.
  4. Okay. I'll have a look. Thanks. Appreciated. Later...
  5. Hello all. I did have a quick look at the FAQ, looking for an easy solution I confess. This was where I was directed. I desire a 'home user' standalone malware scanner/cleaner and I don't know what's best. I used to go back and forth between two. Ad Aware got bought and busted. And Spybot just didn't behave. Komodo would install on my machine (forget which one), malware bytes alarmed me (forget why)... But I have acquired links (such as the link to ESET) to sites dealing with security. Ergo. I have been using combofix. I have no idea whether it works. There's zero plain English help. Why on earth that is the case, I'll never know. It looks legit and it certainly acts fast. But my intuition is that even with combofix's unique angle, an additional more conventional, dedicated malware scanner/cleaner might be a good idea. Call it combocombofix. I don't see 'products' here for Windows desktop/laptop. Yes, I'm blind. I was rather hoping to keep it lean and mean instead of robust. Robust is good, Don't get me wrong. But when everything on offer is robust, you're dealing with a lot of complexity and opportunities for mayhem, I suspect. But if someone here tells me that I can safely use the smart security suite (and perhaps only operate the malware scanning/cleaning feature), I'll do it. I'm open to any other suggestions. I'm not tech savvy, but tend to pay attention well enough to sometimes appear as though I am. ;-) I have two laptops. One is a Toshiba Sattelite C650 w i3 chip, 64 bit and 4 gigs of ram. The other is an Acer Apire, 64 bit, 8 gigs of ram, i5 chip. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello all. I'm 57, live in Toronto, land of Ford, blog (over 450 posts so far), know computer as a user but am sort of a permanent newbie. For which reason I have always had the good sense to bookmark reputable sites that I could go to when in trouble. I had been a visitor to Wilders and SpywareInfo for a long time. I forget the details, but that's how I found this site. If someone wants to guide me to the most appropriate discussion, I'd appreciate it. I don't know what's going on with my Toshiba Satellite C650 w 2.12 available physical memory, i3 cpu. It started with the most recent Adobe Flash update (an event that now makes me shudder). Video is screwed. Old versions want to update to the newest blasphemy. PCMech guys tell me I'm between a rock and a hard place. Ran combo box. Nada. System restore, even after uninstalling av, won't take. Apparrently it chokes on a particular file. It knows, but it won't tell me. Gotta love it. I'm tempted, but dreading, to install windows 7 pro on this machine. I have it on my other, an Acer V5, i5 w 8 gigs ram. The offending machine has windows 7 home on it. Nice to half meet you all. Thanks in advance. Later...
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