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  1. I am unable to log into my account. It keeps saying my email address doesn't have a correct form. This is incorrect. I have entered everything correctly. Please fix this!
  2. I want to be able to use Eset Linux version with my firewall intact! Not all of us drank the Windows Koolaid Please update Eset NOD32 for Linux to include Firewall support. More people are Leaving Windows behind but want the same or better level of protection. IF you won't consider it there is no reason to remain a customer when you continue to ignore a growing segment of Linux PC users. Otherwise there is no differentiation from free offering ClamAV to justify supporting your products. In which case I might as well use the free alternative & save my money.
  3. I am having same issue. When I reboot system the username & password aren't retained so authentication of license fails. It would be nice if they would provide iptables for firewall setup as well. It is quite cumbersome to manually set up in linux. I see no point of running an antivirus in linux without also using a firewall. it is like worrying about the lock & key on a house with no doors.
  4. When I go to my network it finds devices & gives them wrong type. I have a router connected to another router via lan port for voip use that is being incorrectly labeled as a computer. I would also like to request a tweaking of this feature to include more device types. I have several Roku media streaming devices. There isn't currently a device type that properly defines them. It would be nice to be able to more accurately customize the feature so that devices are both properly described & have a corresponding icon that matches.
  5. Will this be still available with new versions going forward? I would like to purchase a retail 10 license pack. I need licenses for Win 10 Android & Linux versions of your software. I prefer buying a retail copy over getting a digital license.
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