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  1. Hi, We have business ESET Endpoing Antivirus v6.3.2016.0 license on lot of Windows Servers, we found on here article that possible somehow use WMI: https://help.eset.com/eshp/6.5/en-US/index.html?idh_config_wmi_provider.htm but we tried to scan all active WMI Namespaces but didn't find any that is root\ESET or similar. Can you please help us what need to enable and where to start work that feature? Or do we need to update to latest Endpoint version and at all what is latest version is it that will work with WMI? Thanks in advanced P.S. We used WMI Explorer 2.2 to look on that h
  2. Hi, We are company and we have a lot of servers that is growing up and we are looking to read/parse your ESET scheduled Log files for our automated monitoring system, but we need your help. We have installed a lot of servers your antivirus, we doing daily Scan that ESET Endpoint Antivirus storing logs under: <drive>:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Endpoint Antivirus\Logs\eScan in binary files with extension ".dat" We need to read/parse that statistics/results information using C# or C++ programming language, could be any other if you haven't samples in that OOP, we can r
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