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  1. Hmmm, I went back and checked my Endpoint Security and it was already set to 'critical updates' only, so I'm even more perplexed as to why BING! was in the list of updates it was about to install (was listed as optional) when I cancelled it. Could it have been listing it but would not have installed it, maybe I got 2 and 2 and made 5? Anyway the purpose of this was not to look for problems but rather express an opinion that as ESET in Endpoint Security provide a managed process to notify and install windows updates, they run the risk of Microsoft abusing it and being tarred with the same brush, but by having the default be critical updates only 'out the box' and making it a user action to include other updates the user is making an informed decision and ESET is not unknowingly promoting things like BING! for Microsoft. Like I said at the start nothing is wrong here except possible the ethics of Microsoft, its user feedback. Keep up the good work guys, cant praise this product enough - its going on all our customers computers over the next year when the current licences expire.
  2. We are relatively new to the ESET community and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so feel free to move etc. This morning Endpoint Security popped up its 'there are windows updates' message, its only been a few weeks but already I have come to rely on this for quickly alerting me to any windows updates in Windows 8 as its now a more convoluted process to do it yourself - unless you give windows carte blanche to do it, not my favourite option. Imaging my horror when skimming through the updates list I see BING! Now for someone like myself its no problem to go off and hide this update in the optional windows updates, and I know the guilty party here is Microsoft pushing out BING! in windows updates, but it set me to thinking what if. What if the majority of general office pc users who read nothing and understand little else (lets put GP's etc to one side and assume were dealing with companies with little or no restrictions in place) trust ESET click ok and shortly find BING! installed - queue support calls why has this happened. My personal take on this is that while ESET are in no way to blame here I would much rather see ESET focusing on critical updates and leaving optional ones out of the equation, if only because Microsoft can and clearly do abuse it, or have the popup screen very clearly separate the strongly recommended critical updates and the in this case not so necessary optional updates, or have the optional updates be another button click option so the user is making a more informed decision about installing them. Its not a bug, more sort of "I think it would work better this way" If I had a pound for every time I uninstalled google chrome, google toolbar, ask jeaves, yahoo, etc - well I'd be a very rich man
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