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  1. thank you for the replies. Yes installing on Ubuntu 16 works, if one of the required libs missing, server API reply with something like "could not find lib.so" message. where in my case the message say "Dynamic library not found" i hope support for latest openssl arrive soon. for now i stick to Ubuntu 16. thank you very much
  2. my system : system ubuntu 18 odbc 5.2 mysql gcc 7.3 halo. i run my program using new shared libs from esmc 7. my program previously running OK on ERA 6.5 , keep getting dynamic library not found. no idea what library. i've "ldd" them to check dependency. cant find anything. library initiatin was ok, all required function are successfully obtained from the shared libs. the error message appear when i attempt to send a json request(connection request) request : {"Era.ServerApi.StartRequest":{}} response: {"error":"Dynamic library not found"} what may cause this thanks in advance
  3. ow my post above is stupid. certificate only matters when the installer creation request is being made. after created it matters not.
  4. i have a follow up question. after the installer are created i noticed that the agent peer certificate doesn't stick with the installer (check my attachment). i have to manually set the certificate via the web console. if i create an installer via web console, the peer certificate are assigned automatically. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Repository.RpcCreateStoredInstallerRequest": { "staticObjectData": { "name": "in_installer_name", "description": "in_installer_description" }, "storedInstallerData": { "endpointLicenseUuid": { "uuid": "in_endpoint_license" }, "agentPeerCertificateUuid": { "uuid": "in_agent_peer_certificate_id" }, "agentPeerCertificatePassword": "", "endpointRepositoryPackage": { "package_app_id": "in_package", "package_description": "in_description", "package_lang": "en_US", "package_name": "in_name", "package_os": "in_os", "package_os_systems": "in_os_systems", "package_version": "in_version" }, "staticGroupUuid": { "uuid": "in_group_id" }, "acceptEula": true, "installerType": 1, "serverHostname": "in_host", "serverPort": "in_port" } } } my question is did i miss a parameter? or if not how to assign the certificate via serverAPI?
  5. hi MartinK. nice guess that last ".windows" is the missing ingredient. no error, installer created. thank you very much.
  6. i have a problem when creating installer via server API. i don't know what to set for "endpointRepositoryPackage", "package_app_id" , "package_os", "package_os_systems", and "package_version". i've tried some possible values with no luck, when i test download the installer it fails. i create all in one installer using this json { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Repository.RpcCreateStoredInstallerRequest": { "staticObjectData": { "name":"Test installer", "description":"olala vit" }, "storedInstallerData": { "agentPeerCertificateUuid": { "uuid":"agentpee-rcertific-ateu-uidddddddddd" }, "endpointRepositoryPackage": { "package_app_id":"com.eset.apps.business.ees", "package_description":"ESET Endpoint Security", "package_lang":"en_US", "package_name":"ESET Endpoint Security", "package_os":"WINDOWS", "package_os_systems":"WINDOWS XP, VISTA, NT 4.0, 95, 8, 7, 2000, 10", "package_version":"6.6.2064.0" }, "staticGroupUuid": { "uuid":"staticgr-oups-uuid-stri-nghereeeeeee" }, "acceptEula":true, "installerType":1, "serverHostname":"hos.ti.pa.ddr", "serverPort":"2222" } } } i need guide for this. thanks in advance
  7. thanks MartinK. i tried to create a custom report template, i think there is no field uuid, pool uuid in the selection. need to test them one by one. thanks anyway.
  8. ok. i just found out that license key came as a pair with publicID. this is bad but i think i should access the era_db in order to be able to get the license uuid and automate all process all the way from activation to creating isntaller.
  9. thanks for the reply. i've been triying using random licenses for testing this. add and remove them a lot. may this is the cause? anyway if the process is normal with real license will i be able to get license uuid returned? i need license uuid to create activation task. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.TasksTriggers.RpcCreateClientTaskRequest": { "clientTaskConfiguration": { "taskType": 18, "taskProductActivation": { "eset_license": { "license_uuid": { "uuid": "in_license_uuid" } } } }, "collisionsHandling": 1, "staticObjectData": { "name": "in_name", "description": "in_description" } } }
  10. hi. i'm trying to get license uuid. i activate a license using this json. i'm expecting to get the license uuid from this request. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Licenses.RpcAddPoolByLicenseKeyRequest": { "licenseKey": "KEEY-KEYY-KKEY-KEYE-KEEY" } } instead i got this json { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.RpcExceptionData": {} } server log : 2017-11-23 04:35:22 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 7feba17ba700]: 23394 Error while processing AddPoolByLicenseKey request: CEcpCommunicator: ECPRequestMessageLinkSeatPools request failed, error=0x2051d000. 2017-11-23 04:35:22 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 7feba17ba700]: Untranslatable CInterModuleException: CEcpCommunicator: ECPRequestMessageLinkSeatPools request failed, error=0x2051d000. something went wrong there, i can't understand. however, i can see the license in the web console. i need to get the license uuid so i can assign the license to a specific group, and create activation task. tanks in advance
  11. finally found the way { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Security.RpcModifyObjectPlacementRequest": { "objectUuids": [{ "uuid": "in_object_id" }], "newGroupUuid": { "uuid": "in_group_id" } } } with this, i'm fully automated almost everything . awesome serverAPI.
  12. halo, i have a question, how to move access group for "user" and "permission set" via serverAPI? or what serverAPI request which has similar effect as web console menu "permission set->setting->access group -> move" thanks in advance.
  13. hi MartinK, i check the server log, the messages are about unauthorized requests, and i figured out that these kind of error means wrong uuid. after i fix the uuid convert to lower case it runs well. thank you very much.
  14. thanks MartinK, i was using RpcGetPolicyRequest, but abandoned that one because i keep get authorization error. anyway i check it once again and notice i supply wrong uuid , it was used without dashes. not it works, both RpcGetPolicyRequest and RpcCreatePolicyRequest. thank you very much.
  15. halo, i experienced strange behavior when creating client task via the server api. here is the json request: { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.TasksTriggers.RpcCreateClientTaskRequest": { "clientTaskConfiguration": { "taskType": 18, "taskProductActivation": { "eset_license": { "license_uuid": { "uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-7018-000000000001" } } } }, "collisionsHandling": 1, "staticObjectData": { "name": "activation", "description": "activation task" } } } instead of giving a "expected error message" this gives rather strange message. it says the connection is closed, here the json response { "Era.ServerApi.SimpleResponse": { "result": false, "error": "Connection closed." } } lets say it is true that the connection is closed. why is it closed? what is wrong with my request that makes the connection need to be closed immediately ? thanks in advance.
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