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  1. Once again windows defender has reactivated itself after enormous win10 update. Have disabled from start menu in 2 paid programs which usually disables it, if memory serves. Going to win security center shows Eset is protecting computer. MS says to disable real time protection, which is already disabled?, so you cannot disable it. It is still showing is sys tray, and among processes as running, (although also showing as disabled)...
  2. While WD not cntr was consuming practically no memory, poss conflict still remained in my mind w/ eset. noticed on another pc running eset and paid uninstaller w/ start mgr, that WD was starting by name. On this laptop, with Win 10, it was entered as "SecurityHealth", with full name Windef obscured. After disabling WD no longer running at all. Assume other's have resolved this issue in their own manner. If Window's Defender was harder to disable or more efficient there would be no need fore eset etal. knew there had to be a way to completely disable.
  3. After last huge win 10 update, window's defender reactivated itself, after I had painstakingly disabled it, 2nd time this had happened to me after w10 updates. I managed to completely disable it after w10 update, before the last one with a paid third party uninstaller's tool/ startup mgr. This time could still partially disable it with same installer, but remnants of WD are still running in tasks. WD has now integrated itself with Eset SS, and remnants of WD itself are still running! They are WD's smart screen", "WD notification" ctr. These tasks can be ended by task mgr after EVERY BOOT. As t
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