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  1. My website " www.dataland-network.com "got problem before and it's blocked by ESET security program. We updated the website and server and problem solved. Pls remove the blockage. It sustains a big loss for us. We requested before but no body did anything for us. Despite your no action, we are still using your program in all our PC and servers. This is no fair. Bahram
  2. I have same problem sometimes. I need my computer badly in the morning. The moment I turn on the notebook. it start using it badly and I need my computer to check some files but Eset is not allowing even to use the mouse. This is really ridiculous. I had Kasperasky and removed it cause could not solve this problem. You need to have a tag or some menu to show what the hell is going on. Then I will have choice to stop it and do something. Using the power of CPU and disk without permission is not correct. Your program is acting like real virus instead of helping stop virus.
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