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  1. amazingly while having wireshark running , the installer seems to be downloading now, haha took quite a while on 0% , then it started downloading ,it went to 10, 14, it's stuck at 26% for about 5 minutes now
  2. Thanks , just installed Wireshark, now running, will send Wireshark File to forum in a bit
  3. How can I create a wireshark log? what does AOI stand for( excuse me for not knowing)
  4. I just tried downloading manually but didn't get through, check attached
  5. I tried downloading it manually , timing out with any browser, and also timed out on my download manager that I use , check attached.
  6. I installed the ERA unto my Windows 2012 R2 server to test this trial license before actually buying for our company, installation went through with no problems, issue arises when I try to create 32bit or 64bit installer , I get this error Internal Server Error, anyone else had such an error, what steps should I take. check attached file.
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