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  1. I send the wake up call to a pc then look in Remote administrator , computers , last connected to see if that time changed.
  2. Can someone give me a basic example of when you would use Web Access Protection as opposed to Web Control ? also Eset has told me (depending on who I am talking to) that Wild cards can/cannot be used in these application ? I am talking mainly about when you would use wap/ url address management as opposed to wc/url groups. for controlling access to web sites. Seems they both do basically the same thing. Thanks
  3. Enclosed is a copy of the log. All units are on the same subnet.
  4. Wake up call from Eset Remote Administrator to any agents is not working. I have ensured the ports are open and I can do scans ect . So it is just Wake up call that is not working. I do not believe that it has since we installed Eset. Any suggestions on how to get this to work ?
  5. In Windows 10 when you go to the start icon you the have tiles on the right side. One of them is the Microsoft store. This is an app and cannot be removed. I would like to block access to this. Is there a way to do this with ERA ?
  6. Can anyone tell me how to get the ssl certs that you put into the eset remote administrator ( webmail , ssl , list of know certs). I am fairly new to managing this so any detailed instructions I could get would be very helpful. (currently trying to stop a staple.com pop up). Thanks P.S. if I put this in the wrong area please advise this is my first post on the forums.
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